First Teaser: My Holo Love

Did anyone else forget about this upcoming drama? It’s produced by Netflix so it’s not connected to a network. Probably why it was not on my radar. The teaser has my interest WAY UP.

I would normally think that ANOTHER drama with a character who has prosopagnosia is not needed, but they put a sci-fi twist on the premise that has me wanting to check it out.

Synopsis: My Holo Love is about the events that occur when a lonely woman meets the artificially intelligent “Holo.” The drama is filled with stories of heartbreaking loneliness and tear-stained love.

Go Nan Do (Yoon Hyun Min) is the owner of an IT research company. As a genius inventor, he started the company, and all projects were created through his hands. However, the only people who are aware of his existence are his stepsister and the official CEO. He was a hacker in a major case 10 years ago and supposedly died while being pursued.

Han So Yeon (Go Sung Hee) is an assistant manager at a glasses company. Whether it is working on brand marketing or the logistics of the launching party for the company’s flagship store, she shoulders on her work and stays ahead of the industry’s trends. She meticulously takes care of her clients and her work. However, when it comes to her personal life, she keeps her distance as she suffers from prosopagnosia the inability to recognize faces.

At first I was worried that she’d fall in love with an AI and this was just another Robot drama, but since there is a real person with the same face, I am hopeful. My Holo Love drops on Netflix on Friday, February 7th. It looks like season one doesn’t have a set number of episodes listed, so we will have to wait and see. And yes, I said season one, this is a Netflix show so I’m expecting it to be like Kingdom and Love Alert.

Do you plan on checking it out?

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9 thoughts on “First Teaser: My Holo Love

  1. Netflix and their multiple season arcs is messing with the whole one and done concept of Asian dramas which is one of my favorite things. They’re doing the same thing with The Ghost Bride which kind of dimmed my anticipation a bit. Sigh, guess I need to just be thankful they’re getting so much Asian content.

  2. This drama looks really interesting, but I am so NOT a fan of the multiple seasons thing. But the possibility there will not be a fully complete story has dampened my enthusiasm to check this drama out. I’ll probably wait to see if it’s “seasons” or not.

  3. I was also excited to see this drama. I watched ep. 1-3 and skipped to the last ep. It was one of the worst kdramas I have ever seen (I’ve watched over 50+). Absolutely no chemistry with the leads, writing bad, acting bad, just bad, bad, bad. It looks like a very pale imitation of what someone thinks a kdrama should be. Please don’t waste your time. I feel like I took one for the team…..

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