Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 9

Netflix has really been stepping it up on gaining great Asian drama content and January has been the best month to date! Come find out the latest must-watch dramas and those that you can ignore till something better comes along.

What to watch!

Live Up To Your Name

I have been a Kim Nam Gil fan FOREVER and I was so sad when Dramageddon happened and we lost Live Up To Your Name from streaming services. So to see it come back on Netflix is a dream come true. Also, who doesn’t love a well done time travel trope? This is one of those dramas that I recommend to everyone since it has great humor, acting, and a ton of heart.

Answer Me 1988

We all know that my favorite drama of all time is Answer Me 1997. However, even I can admit, that Answer Me 1988 was the best written and acted of the three Answer Me shows. The heart and soul that is put into this drama comes across in every scene and I didn’t want it to end. I also might have talked some non-drama watching friends into starting this show with me. It is a great choice to hook unsuspecting newbies with and the fact that it is easily accessible makes convincing people to watch all the easier.

Save Me

Are you searching for a suspenseful creepy drama? Then Save Me is perfect for your drama watching needs. It is the story of a poor girl being held by a freaky deaky cult and the hot boys who rush to save her from marrying a nutjob cult leader. Add in some excellent directing and sound editing and you have yourself a stellar weekend binge.

Don’t waste your time

Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures

I am a huge fan of the original Yanxi Palace and I was very excited for the next part of the story to come out. Sadly, it was a huge letdown as I found the leads unlikable. It didn’t help that the original OTP (One True Pairing) felt like they were in this because they got paid a ton to reprise the roles and not because the show was any good.

So what do you think? Are they going on your to watch (or in my case, to watch again) list? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out all our other Netflix recommendations in our past Netflix segments HERE!

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3 thoughts on “Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 9

  1. For some reason Live Up to Your Name just didn’t hook me when I tried it before. It’s been quite awhile so I should give it another shot. Also might try Save Me.

  2. Just finished “Live Up To Your Name”…so glad Netflix picked it up. Netflix kdrama offerings have improved as I’m also watching “Crash Landing on You” and “Chocolate.” I also loved original “Yanxi Palace” and was looking forward to “YP Princess Adventures”, but dropped it after 1st episode as it felt like it was trying to cash in on YP. How the savvy original OTP of YP ended up with a sadistic, narcissistic daughter was a stretch. I couldn’t stomach any more of her.

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