A Fangirl’s Japanese Drama Review: Coffee & Vanilla

Let me start off by saying there isn’t anything vanilla about this drama. It’s actually pretty steamy in the love scene department. For a Fangirl who’s known for her love of shirtless scenes, well, I may have blushed a time or two in this drama.

Caution: Potential spoilers ahead!


Young and naive, country girl Shiroki Risa is in Tokyo to attend university. She is almost painfully shy and does not realize how beautiful she is, so all the male attention she attracts makes her uncomfortable. She dreams of the kind of love you read about but does not accept any of the invitations for a date from her classmates. She has a chance meeting with Fukami Hiroto, a handsome, gentle, and mysterious man. As their love grows, Risa and Hiroto learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


Oh, the plot! Everything moves really fast so don’t blink or you may miss something. There is a lot going on for such a short drama, so many tropes, so much skinship! Our hero and heroine fall in love at first sight. Now, that’s not a trope we see much anymore, so the skeptic in me kept waiting for something bad to happen. They also progress very quickly into a physical relationship and there is a lot of skinship. Risa is young and naive, and Hiroto (who is ten years older) is a self-made businessman. She is in awe of his abilities and feels that she isn’t able to match him. To make matters even more complicated, she seems to attract unwanted male attention everywhere she goes. He’s got enemies who are beyond delighted that he finally has a weakness, so she’s also constantly getting into situations where she needs to be rescued.

Quirky Side Characters:

Since Risa seems to be the Helen of Troy of Tokyo, she is surrounded by men. In a refreshing twist, the author chooses to give two of her suitors pretty decent storylines. Her best friend was equal parts irritating and supportive. My favorite side character is his secretary, who has a big secret of his own. Some of the side character stories are predictable, but not all of them, and that kept me interested in what was happening.

My Thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised several times while watching this drama. I kept expecting him to be an overbearing creep, but he wasn’t. Yes, he’s the dominant one in the relationship, but he’s very careful with her. It’s so obvious that he treasures her, and I loved that he kept putting the power of their relationship in her hands.

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10 thoughts on “A Fangirl’s Japanese Drama Review: Coffee & Vanilla

  1. I really liked this drama. It was super fast and sweet. All conflict was resolved quickly and on to the kisses. All the kisses, and love nibbles. The steaminess was like a slow, never-ending tease.

  2. I enjoyed the drama and was pleasantly surprised by the mature/adult nature of their relationship. I was frustrated with Rosa sometimes because her inner monologue was so self-loathing. She seemed to gain strength and belief in herself in the end.

  3. I’m about halfway through this drama. While I get irritated with the heroine’s timidity and passiveness, admiring the beauty of Dori Sakurada never gets old so I’ll finish it. I do like that the hero never pushes her to far and respects her boundaries.

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  5. I’ve just started the drama…..and there is SO MUCH SKINSHIP omg…a little too much for me, as it felt like it was a purely physical relationship, and whatever Fukimi says about how much he loves Risa….just all sounded like lies to get her into bed. Putting this into real life would make for a very creepy relationship. I don’t know what to think lol….

  6. This is my first jdrama, and I must say that after I understood and accepted the fact that it’s based on a manga, I throughly enjoyed it. Yes, Risa was somewhat annoying, but there are people like that and naive doesn’t mean stupid. I probably wouldn’t trust the motives of someone as beautiful as Hiroto either, but strangely his perfection against all odds was comforting. As if there really are men like that in this world. It was ridiculous, and fun, and beautiful.

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