First Impression- The Game: Towards Zero

We’ve had a bit of a drama drought, it happens around this time every year. My (Clkytta) drama watchlist has been very thin lately, so I was very excited to hear some buzz about Taecyeon’s new drama, The Game: Towards Zero. I’ll be honest, I first passed this one by because the teaser pic reminded me of another drama he did years ago that was a bit lackluster. Then our daily Fangirl chat revolved around the one thing sure to get my attention, that’s right, a shirtless scene! Sit back and enjoy as The Fangirls tell you all about what we think about this new drama.


Kim Tae Pyung has a supernatural talent that no one will envy. When he looks into someone’s eyes he can see the last few minutes right before they die. His curse is that he knows how they will die, but fate is fate, and fate doesn’t change. He becomes involved with Seo Joon Young, a detective with a tragic past, when a young girl is kidnapped. Now both of them are working together in the race to track down a serial killer.

I See Dead People

Kim Tae Pyung is just your average guy, with above-average ability. He makes his living charging people to tell them about how they will die. Even though he knows he can’t change their fate, he does try to offer some comfort.

Clkytta: I was hooked from the very beginning. The drama opens to a dream sequence that just feels like a day of reckoning. We have Kim Tae Pyung in what feels like limbo with person after person confronting him. Already, you feel like he is no ordinary person, and when you find out about his power it’s very impactful.

Kmuse: I am loving the mix of Kim Tae Pyung ( Taecyeon) and this director. There are so many stellar visuals that it took me a bit to realize that the story/character is really great as well. I’m loving Tae Pyung’s story arc and really look forward to finding out how his character is going to grow and develop outside of his comfort level.

Drama Geek: I immediately connected with this character, mostly due to the directing, but also because Taecyeon is bringing a nice sweet and sad balance to Tae Pyung. I am excited to see him interact more with the police side of the show, and really become a team. He already has a pretty great team around him, I love his mentor and lawyer.

A Tragic Past

As Tae Pyung becomes entangled with the life of a gangster, he meets Detective Seo Joon Young. Her father died when she was a young girl. He was working to solve a case involving a serial killer. As an adult, she has chosen the same profession and she tries to live up to his memory.

Clkytta: Repeat after me, strong female character. We meet her at a shooting range as she beams at her target. She didn’t shoot to kill, she shot to save. She holds her own in a male-dominated profession and comes across as very capable and respectable.

Kmuse: This actress is killing it in this role. While, I love that she is competent and strong-willed, I do feel that this whole daughter of a cop following in her fathers footsteps trope has been done a lot lately. But it is a minor thing to nitpick about so I’m totally on board Team Joon Young

Drama Geek: I really like her character. She’s good at her job, and looked at the facts when it came to Tae Pyung, and persisted in getting his help. It’s hard to believe in the unseen, but she decided if it would help find the little girl, then they’d use all available resources.

The Serial Killer

Twenty years earlier, Seo Joon Young’s father died while trying to capture a serial killer who preyed on young women. Now there is either a copycat, or the man in prison is not the killer. This brings everyone who was involved in the case years before back together. The killer, the police, and the news reporter who broke the case. This is an intense game of connect the dots. Is the killer a copycat or is he the real killer? Why is everyone so fascinated with Seo Joon Young? As the killer chooses a new target, we sit on the edge of our seats as yet another dot is connected. Will it be too late for this new victim?

Clkytta: I haven’t been this nervous watching a drama in forever. As the plot thickened, I found myself sitting on the edge of my couch. This is a remarkably laid out story. I have so many questions! I also have a lot of conspiracy theories already.

Kmuse: I feel the same way I did way back when I watched Signal. I need more info/serial killer development ASAP.

Drama Geek: The way the show weaved the characters together, keeping the reporter father in the dark about who the victim was, while he salivated hoping they could break her name first, was sheer brilliance. I’m crossing my fingers the second lead medical examiner is not the serial killer. This would be his third drama being this type of character, and he’s a really obvious choice. Please Show, keep me on the edge of my seat!

Will We Keep Watching?

Clkytta: I’m totally hooked, so yes I’ll keep watching. The characters are complex and interesting. I love a good mystery, and catching a serial killer is right up my alley.

Kmuse: The hours flew by and I was left wanting more. I’m 100% in on this drama.

Drama Geek: I cried a little on Monday when I realized this was a Wednesday/Thursday show. I am all in with this show.

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  1. I was hooked with Taecyeon’s over the top explanation of his bulletproof vest at the beginning of ep 2. I have not laughed that much at a show in so long! He is a riot! I’m hoping the keep the humor up with all of the dark impending stuff.

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