Joy of Life: Fangirls Beg Forgiveness From the Drumstick Lovers.

This is a representation of both Kmuse and Drama Geek trying to figure out how we’re going to watch all five of the Joy of Life episodes for our positive recap this week. Guess what guys, we never came up with a solution.

Ten doing his AMAZING solo.

We may have had a fellow fangirl in town (Kdrama Jen!) and we may have gone to see some Kpop boys in concert (SuperM!). Combined this with recording the podcast this Saturday, (which means we have other dramas we have to catch up on) and we just did not have time to watch Joy of Life. We will get caught up over the weekend, and get the recap for episodes 21-25 at the beginning on next week.

Thank you for understanding!

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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2 thoughts on “Joy of Life: Fangirls Beg Forgiveness From the Drumstick Lovers.

    • Hmm, we contemplated doing that but we do not have time right now. Maybe after we get through this next week. I will say that Taemin and Ten both took my breath away during their solos and I would go see either of them for a solo show. We all had a fun time, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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