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Live performances and mixtapes and a girl group, oh my! These are just some of the videos that caught my fancy this week, kfans, including a present from Lee Hong Gi that brought a huge smile to my face. Come see if this music makes you just as happy as it did me.

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N.Flying – “Dear Friend” on Immortal Songs

What a performance! N.Flying is showcasing a new, robust sound that just makes my ears happy. I also love watching the ahjummas in the audience rock out with the band — I’m glad I’m not the only fan “of a certain age”. Did you notice the new bass player? He was added as an official part of N.Flying in January.

2Z – “Roulette” on Music Bank

I love this band’s sound, and their live performances keep getting more and more solid. Have a listen and see if you like “Roulette” as much as I do!

iKON – “Dive”

This bop has trot roots and a distinct vibrance that iKON brings to the table. I’m loving their comeback so far! Now if I could just get Bobby and Ju-ne’s “Deep Night” on Spotify, I would be a happy person.

Everglow – “Dun Dun”

What an impressive entry from Everglow! Showcasing a strong bass, captivating hooks and motifs, this song has a conquering vibe that reflects the lyrics.

Lee Hong Gi – “Mixtape”

YAYYYYY! A present from Lee Hong Gi while he’s in the military! I will never turn that down, even in jpop form. Enjoy this insane video (M&Ms on pizza, ketchup on cake, Michael Jackson and cassette tapes and SMART PHONES and old school Nintendos – WHAT EVEN??) and Lee Hong Gi’s uniquely loveable voice.

What do you think, k-fans? Are you loving N.Flying’s sound and Lee Hong Gi’s mixtape? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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