6 Reasons to Check Out Chinese Drama Dr Cutie

Sometimes you just need to settle down and watch a really well done gender bender trope drama. Sadly, those have been far and few in between the past ten years. Yet, this new Chinese drama Dr Cutie stands out as one worth watching. Come find out why I think Dr Cutie is the best gender bender show to come out in years and why you should be watching it with me.

Sweetly troubled leading ma

Ji Heng starts the drama ruthless and unattainable. His classic beauty and cold ways keep everyone at a distance. But one accidental trip by his bride to be’s personal physician changes his life. Tian Qi slowly becomes an adorable marshmallow who’s life revolves around Zhao Er. This is Tsundere done right.

The gender bender trope is back

This happens to be one of my favorite drama tropes. Does it make any sense whatsoever that she is considered a man? Nope, but I don’t care since the romance shenanigans this causes are always entertaining.

Adorable leading lady

Tian Qi (Shen Zhao Er) is just a quirky little thing. There is something very endearing about her ability to get herself into trouble. Her scrunched up confused face is super entertaining as we watch Tian Qi attempt to investigate her parents death. It also helps that she has a ton of chemistry with both of her leading men.

Swoony second lead

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% team OTP (one true pairing) but that doesn’t keep me from really enjoying the chemistry between Tian Qi and Ji Zheng (Ji Heng’s brother). The fact that he knows she is a women (as all good gender bender 2nd leads do) helps move along the plot. I’m also excited to start the part of the drama where we get into the whole jealousy aspect between the clueless leading man and the more aware second lead. Let the romantic hijinks begin.

So much fluffy storyline

I am currently watching a lot of intense Korean dramas right now, so the bit of fluff that is Dr Cutie is just what I am looking for. It keeps the murder mystery and politics light while highlighting the romantic pairings and the clutzy antics of Tian Qi

OTP sizzling chemistry

I adore the chemistry between our OTP (one true pairing). I wouldn’t say it is the most intense romantic vibe I have ever seen but it is hitting all the right spots. I adore how stoic and beautiful Ji Heng is and how Tian Qi ‘s cuteness plays against it. They are a fun couple who I really enjoy watching.

There you have it. The reasons I am watching Dr Cutie. If you also are watching be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Check Out Chinese Drama Dr Cutie

  1. I was planning on starting it tonight 😀 I keep seeing it in my YouTube recommendations and it looks adorable. I heard it’s written by the same writers that did Someday or One day, so with that I’m sure that even if it’s cheesy, it’s good cheese.

  2. This is based on a Chinese web novel (“Your Majesty Please Calm Down”) with a fair amount of snu snu so I’m hoping ML figures the situation pretty soon. The only drawback is that her family suffered because of both male lead and second lead’s families (same dad, different moms) so I’m not sure if she can be happy with either.

    • I noticed this as soon as I started watching! I’ve been reading the novel recently and had no idea they were related until I started watching! Such a weird coincidence

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