Podcast 90: The Dating Game: Hot Serial Killer Edition

Happy Late Valentine’s Day!! The Fangirls thought you needed a side of serial killer to go with last week’s celebration of love. If Kdramas can do it, why can’t we? Join us as we play the dating game using Kdrama serial killers as our bachelors. Tell us who your favorite hottie Kdrama serial killer would be, and we can pick the perfect romantic date for you, too!

Bachelors and Their Dramas Mentioned in This Podcast:

  • Yoon Hee Jae from Come and Hug Me
  • Lee Joon Ho & Lee Min from Hello Monster
  • Kwon Jae Hee from Girl Who Sees Smells
  • Lee Jae Kyung from My Love From Another Star
  • Seo In Woo & Yook Dong Sik from Psychopath Diary
  • Choi Sung Jae from Oh My Ghost
  • Kang Sung Mo from He is Psychometric

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8 thoughts on “Podcast 90: The Dating Game: Hot Serial Killer Edition

  1. LOL this was a very funny podcast! I know what you mean about how sometimes the killer has such great charisma that he overshadows everyone else. I haven’t watched all the shows you were talking about; I thought of Yoon Kyun Sang, the sad older brother in Pinocchio. I felt for him so much! How can he be a killer if he seems so sweet? There are also the hot killer flute player in Faith, and the evil veterinarian in Let’s Fight Ghost. When I was watching Arang and the Magistrate I thought the most about the guy who was the killer and the son of the evil mayor. And then there was Yoo Seung Ho, who I couldn’t quite reconcile as the killer in I Miss You. I had just seen him as the King of Heaven in Arang, and his mystique carried on!

    • Oh my word, we missed SO many killers because we focused on serial killers. We should have widened our net! LOL. There are actually tons of hot killers in historical dramas.

  2. OMO! That was too funny! I just kept chuckling and saying… “That’s terrible!” Lol! So fun! Loved it! Oddly enough, I somehow miss a lot of the dramas with serial killers… But one of my all time favorites is the brother from Pinocchio played by my favorite giant Kim Young Kwang. Such a sad misunderstood puppy. LOL. And in a another life her can be my sweet OCD CEO. LOL

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