First Impression & Unfiltered Thoughts: Eternal Love of Dream (Pillow Book)

Feng Jiu and Dong Hua from Three Worlds Three Lives, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms are back in their very own drama and The Fangirls are all ready to jump back into the story. Come find out our first impression of Eternal Love of Dream (Pillow Book).

Kmuse: I am so excited to be chatting about this drama! It took a bit of time before I could start, but once I did, I binged all the episodes. I was so hooked that I even signed up for the WeTV streaming service so I could watch all the subbed episodes available before they were on other streaming services. It was SO worth the extra money and I am loving everything Pillow Book.

Kdrama Jen: I was so addicted to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, so it is no surprise that this story featuring many of the same characters, and the same setting, would appeal to me. I did not expect to love this even more, though! I can’t balance my time properly because I just want to binge this!

Well Done CGI

Kmuse: I don’t think that Chinese dramas are ever going to be lacking cheese when it comes to CGI special effects. However, it is obvious that the director has put a lot of thought and effort into creating CGI effects that work in this drama world. The monsters fit the narrative and look a lot more complete than many we have seen in past years. Kudos to the animation/CGI specialists that kept me entertained and not wincing at bad effects.

Kdrama Jen: I always expect there to be a whimsical hamster or CGI critter of some kind scurrying about. So far, I have not seen anything that has really pulled me out of the story and made me gasp in disbelief at the unrealistic computer-rendered creatures. So, I would say that is definitely an improvement over the usual Chinese dramas I watch!

Bai Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat )

Kmuse: I am so relieved that I’m enjoying our leading lady. I loved Feng Jiu in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and found her story/character super cute. All of Dilraba Dilmurat’s dramas post Peach Blossoms are sadly, not up to par. I always started them with the anticipation that my feelings would return for this actress, but I always went away disappointed, so much so, that I was hesitant to watch. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded. Feng Jiu is as cute as ever and I adore her portrayal of the cheeky fox princess.

Kdrama Jen: I love her so much! I will watch her in anything because I finder her absolutely mesmerizing. This character, though, is absolutely adorable and she captures the mischievous fox personality to perfection.

Gaston Gets a Sexy Ethereal Look

Kmuse: Those of you who follow the blog know that we have nicknamed the hunky Vengo Gao, Gaston, due to his performance in Legend of Fu Yao. So while he is playing the super sexy god Dong Hua, he will always be Gaston to us. That said, Gaston got a super sexy fashion upgrade. The white hair increases his attractive level exponentially. Also, his ability to emote past his icy outer layer is really working for me. Can’t wait to watch this ice god crack and fall in love.

Kdrama Jen: I totally did not put together that this is Gaston! I was so smitten with the character, Dong Hua, in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, but I never put together this was our ear-cuff wearing boy from Fu Yao. I loved this potential couple in Peach Blossoms, so I am so thrilled to see their story in this drama.

Character Growth and Hidden Depths

Kmuse: One of the things I loved most about Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms was the in-depth character development of the OTP. They started off immature and grew through trials and tribulations all the while falling in love. They use the same basic formula now as Feng Jiu and Dong Hua journey through various romantic layers in heaven and on earth. Maturing into a solid and deep OTP. Yay for character development!

Kdrama Jen: I am so on board with this OTP. I feel like this little fox has been waiting for centuries (and so have I) for a love line!

Chemistry! So Much chemistry!

Kmuse: If you are watching two people falling in love (half of the time not being aware that the relationship is actually happening.) it makes it so much more engaging when they have sizzling chemistry. In my opinion, these two actors do the best when paired together and I can’t wait to watch them finally kiss. So excited to see what happens next with these two.

Kdrama Jen: He is cool and controlled. She is impulsive and mischievous. Together they are adorable. I am shipping them hard!

There you have it. Our initial thoughts and reasons why you should go start Eternal Love of Dream ASAP. You can watch it for free on WeTV! I am really enjoying their app and if you sign up for their VIP service you can watch ahead of anywhere else.

Til the next impression,

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