Top 5 Kpop MVs: Brand New OSTs!

Can you have a drama without an OST? Of course not.

I’m so excited for the new music that’s coming out with the latest batch of dramas — come see what I found! And keep your eyes open for the one MV that *could* be from an OST, but isn’t.

Want to see what I’m listening to this week? It’s all BTS! Check out the Maknae’s Favorite BTS on Spotify and see which of the new tracks made it onto my list.

Jun and Chan of A.C.E. – “Where You Are” (The Game: Towards Zero)

This song perfectly captures the deep, melancholy atmosphere of The Game‘s first few episodes. If you haven’t started the drama yet, be warned: the MV has a few spoilers.

Gaho – “Start” (Itaewon Class)

GAHO!!!!! I love this song from Itaewon Class and I love that Gaho is the man behind it even more. It seems appropriate, since I discovered Gaho through his song in The Last Empress OST.

Luna – “Take Me Now” (Forest)

Luna’s gorgeous voice over the compelling EDM makes this song a must-listen for me. And the MV makes me curious about Forest — I may actually have to try it out!

Paradise – “Fate”

Listen to this song and tell me it doesn’t belong on an OST, I dare you! These remarkable voices are an absolute pleasure to listen to, and I’m rapidly becoming a fan of popera.

IU – “I Give You My Heart”

Could there be any more perfect voice than IU’s for Crash Landing on You? Have a listen and see if “I Give You My Heart” doesn’t give you all the Crash Landing feels.

Good music really completes a drama, doesn’t it? What are some of your favorite OST videos, k-fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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