Top 5 Kpop MVs: Sunrise Yellow and Other GEMS

New kpop makes me so unbelievably happy, and I had a lot to choose from this week! I will admit that some of it was new to me — how did I miss N.Flying releasing an album last year?? Come see what had me singing along and what brought a grin to my face (I promise these were separate events!).

Check out my New Kpop to Spin list on Spotify to see what I’m listening to this week!

FTIsland – “Sunrise Yellow”

LoveloveLOVE that FTIsland’s company thought ahead and recorded releases to tide us over until Lee Hong Gi is done with military service. I’m also finding that I love their Japanese hits as much as the Korean ones. “Sunrise Yellow” makes me smile so hard!

N.Flying – “Don’t Cry for Me”

Ok, so I have to say that the audio on this video isn’t the greatest, but you don’t need great audio to feel the power of this song! Check out the audience reactions, especially when Yoo Hwe Seung rocks those high notes.

MCND – “Ice Age”

I think I’ve found B.A.P. version 2! Check out MCND’s “Ice Age” and tell me if you feel like they’re channeling early B.A.P. I’m really enjoying them, and the MV is chilly fun.

Ravi – “Rockstar” feat. Paloalto

So I know I have Ravi right after MCND’s album on my New Kpop to Spin playlist, but I shouldn’t have done that. Ravi’s experience, smooth voice, and ability to rock like a master completely overshadow the rookie group.

UNVS – “Timeless”

UNVS debuted last month, and I’m really enjoying their strong voices and tight harmonies. Check them out and see what you think!

BONUS TRACK: BTS – “Black Swan”

The official MV for “Black Swan” is out, and it’s just as mind-bending as the other “Black Swan” MVs. I love it.

BONUS TRACK: N.Flying – “The World is Mine”

“The World is Mine” is from N.Flying’s Japanese BROTHERHOOD album, released back in April of 2019. Trust me, I’ve slapped my wrist for missing out on this! I love the upbeat tone of the song, as well as the bright visuals. I really feel like N.Flying is following in FTIsland’s footsteps, and they even talk about finding a treasure box in the song. Hmmmm…..

What favorite new songs have hit your playlist lately, k-fans? I want to hear all about it! Drop down in the comments and let me know.

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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