First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts on I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice

On a chilly winter day, there is something so appealing about a steaming cup of coffee, sitting in a cozy bookshop, and whiling away the hours leisurely reading. The image makes us sigh with contentment. So, when a drama comes along with one of our favorite actresses (Park Min Young) paired with Seo Kang Joon, and they are basically living the fantasy of our perfect day, Kdrama Jen and her son just had to jump in and check it out. Read on to discover if this is the warm and cozy drama for you!

Kdrama Son Synopsis

Cello Girl (Mok Hae Won ) and Sweater Boy (Eun Seop) both grew up in a small town in which the majority of this drama takes place. Cello Girl, played by Park Min Young, has hardened her heart due to a series of traumatic events and betrayals that she has experienced. After becoming disillusioned with Seoul city life, Cello Girl returns to her hometown in the country where she reunites with Sunglasses Aunt at the family pension. For those of you who had to look up what a pension is like I did, it’s basically a boarding house/AirBnB. In any case, Cello Girl has decided to stay for an indefinite amount of time, which conveniently will be just long enough for her to hook up with our main lead. Probably.

Speaking of which, Sweater Boy (played by Seo Kang Joon) also lives in this town. Along with helping his parents run an ice skating rink, he also owns the coziest little bookshop I’ve ever seen. Sweater Boy spends his days making and drinking coffee and letting the locals read his books without paying for them, like some sort of makeshift library. I’m still not entirely sure how he’s still in business, but somehow he stays afloat and can continue this peaceful existence. Oh yeah, he also has a blog where it’s revealed he’s both very into poetry and also a huge dork. I find this very relatable. 

What are your first impressions of this drama?

Kdrama Son:
To start with, I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice is a total departure from the Kdramas that usually catch my interest. In the past I’ve been most drawn in by dramas that have high action content like Vagabond, or ones that have an interesting gimmick or supernatural element to them like My Love from Another Star. Yet while there are no time travel plot devices, possessed typewriters, or badly rendered CGI tigers, there is a genuineness in I’ll Go to You that keeps me coming back for more.

Kdrama Jen:
I know some people did not like the slow and leisurely pace of this drama, but I loved how it mirrored the feeling of life in a small town. I think you captured it so perfectly when you said there is a “genuineness” to this drama. My true unfiltered thought is that Seo Kang Joon looks comfy and huggable in that sweater, but I guess I shouldn’t say that out loud. Oops. Too late. Overall, though, I was left with this feeling that I just want to move to the countryside and run a bookstore that doesn’t really sell books and have a multi-generational book club. 

What drew you into this drama?

Kdrama Son:
One of the things I find the most interesting about I’ll Go to You is that it feels so much like a winter drama… but it’s not. Goblin was very much a winter drama, dramatic snow shots, the slow stillness that comes with the end of every year, the promise of great things in the future etc. By all accounts this really feels like it should’ve come out in late November/early December. Thinking on it though, I believe the drama should be on track to wrap up sometime in April or May, when the weather is nice. Or at least this would’ve been the plan, but recent global events have pushed release dates back so I guess we’ll never know.

Kdrama Jen:
Ooh! I had not thought of that, but in theory when this is all wrapped up the weather should be nice. Good catch! You must get your brilliance from your mother…  Anyway, I was drawn to this drama because both of the leads are on my “I will always give them 4 episodes list” and because any show about book love is going to catch my attention. Despite the melancholy tone of the drama, I feel so happy when I am watching it. Maybe it is because of your color commentary, but I don’t think that is the only reason. 

Park Min Young is one of our favorite actresses. What do you think of her performance in this drama?

Kdrama Son:
This role is definitely a change of pace for Min Young compared to other dramas I’ve seen her in. I remember when I saw the first episode being a little weirded out by how emotionless and stoic she was. I believe I made a joke about her regretting her contract being paid by the word, since for a solid 8 minutes or so she barely talks. It took me a while to warm up to the character since there was so little to latch onto, but eventually I came to like her. She has some great moments when she’s interacting with her aunt, and in those few parts where she doesn’t need to repress her emotions I’m sold. I can’t say this is my favorite character of Min Young’s, but that’s more due to the script rather than the actress herself.

Kdrama Jen:
My fellow Fangirls and I have always said Park Min Young can have chemistry with anyone, but I am really enjoying watching her take on such a challenging role. As we commented while watching, there was very little dialogue at first. We actually thought it was not fully subbed. This forced Park Min Young to really rely on her expressions to convey her thoughts and her character. She is not the capable and sociable secretary in this one with a swishy ponytail (like Secretary Kim) and she is not the garrulous reporter jumping headlong into trouble (like Healer). Hae Won is wounded and has repressed anger from her early life. I can’t think of another role Park Min Young has played like this, so it is intriguing to see her step into this persona.

What do you think of Seo Kang Joon’s portrayal of his character?

Kdrama Son:
From what little we actually know of the character, I think Seo Kang Joon does an excellent job of portraying the laid back but melancholic bookstore owner. In one specific scene, Eun Seop’s personal philosophy is laid out in a simple mantra that sums up to: “Sleep well, eat well, live well”. Judging the character’s actions by this motto, I can say without a doubt that he’s been doing a wonderful job.

Kdrama Jen:
He looks hot pouring coffee. (Sorry, the title does say “unfiltered thoughts”).  Seriously, though, I think he is able to pull off the “small town guy nursing his puppy love through the years by secretly confessing all during his late-night blogging” character with sincerity.  I find him very believable in this role. I have had a soft spot for Seo Kang Joon since watching him on Roommates many years ago. He has grown so much since then!

Who is your favorite side character (so far)?

Kdrama Son:
I have to say that my favorite side character is probably Lee Jong Woo; he plays a civil servant to the town and is the best friend character of Eun Seop. When first introduced I was very worried that we were going to get a rehash of the “supposed good guy ends up being sleazy” trope, since the first time he’s on screen it’s at a reunion where he’s moaning about past relationships. There was an instance where he and Hae Won meet up and he says that he’ll take her “somewhere fun” which immediately started ringing alarm bells. Personally I felt that the drama really didn’t need this twist, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he’s actually a stand up guy. Instead of “somewhere fun” being a seedy bar or something similar, it was an invitation to the town’s book club which I’ll talk more about in the next part. Overall while not the most dazzling star on screen, Lee Jong Woo manages to shine in his role regardless.

Kdrama Jen:
I also love Lee Jong Woo played by Lee Jae Wook. He is a rising actor who first gained my attention when he was in Search WWW as Scarlet’s love interest, and then he really made me take notice with his character in Extra Ordinary You. I am happy to see he is already back in the spotlight and continuing to take on new roles. I think his character will help move this plot forward as he seems to connect the past with the present.

What is your favorite scene so far?

Kdrama Son:
My favorite and most memorable scene from this drama (so far) has to be the first time the book club meets up. When the lead-up to this scene happened, I was really confused because we saw all these new people that hadn’t been introduced yet. I really wasn’t sure why. In addition to that, a couple of characters take actions that seem suspicious without context. The pharmacist’s daughter for example, steals a few packets of handwarmers from the shop and then runs off. Up to this point we have no indication of this character’s intentions. Is she going to bring these to some hoodlums? Sell them for drugs? It’s unclear. It’s only later that you get the payoff for these actions and it ends up being incredibly heartwarming. The people who attend the book club are all very different in profession, gender, and age, but what unites them is their shared love for literature. I think this is a really important scene for Hae Won as well since it creates a safe environment where she can open up.

Kdrama Jen:
I knew I should have written my answer first! I agree. The formation of the book club family with Grandpa quietly chiming in from the corner is my favorite scene so far.  Since you already claimed it, though, my second favorite scene is when it rains all over the freshly painted house and Hae Won gets locked out and has to seek the assistance of her new neighbor. Nothing like a damsel in distress seeking some warmth and a cup of steaming coffee to set the drama mood.

Do you think this drama will maintain this warm and comfortable feel?

Kdrama Son:
As much as I’d like to believe that this show can keep the momentum, I’m not convinced that it can. There have been a couple quality dips in recent episodes where the coziness gives way to scenes that just weren’t very well executed. For me, the book club aspect of the show is one of the most interesting and when that’s glossed over to promote heavy handed metaphors I’m just not terribly impressed. That being said, I’m hopeful that the show will find its footing after these iffy directing choices and we can return to what I think made this show stand out.

Kdrama Jen:
I am really hoping we pivot back to the quiet romance side of the drama and chats about poetry. That is what captured my interest and made me want to keep watching.  I am a little nervous because the director has a few dramas that were not my favorite, but I am going to continue to bet on the star power of Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon.  

Would you recommend this drama to our readers and listeners?

Kdrama Son:
If you’re looking for a show that will tug at your heartstrings and wrap you in a blanket of small town good cheer, this is the drama for you. While it does have a few problem spots, I’ll Come to You is still a very solid drama and one of my favorites in the 2020 season.

Kdrama Jen:
I would recommend this drama based on the first few episodes to anyone who likes the slower and more introspective dramas. If you like a lot of action and a tight plot that moves quickly, then you probably will not appreciate this drama as much. I kind of feel like this will appeal to the same audience that liked Romance is a Bonus Book.  There are some whimsical touches here and there and an underlying theme of finding healing through books and togetherness. I am definitely planning to keep watching!   

So, what about all of you? Are you watching? Leave us a comment below!

Until the Weather is Nice Again,

Kdrama Jen and Kdrama Son


3 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts on I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice

  1. This show is really a change from other Kdrama shows. I love the “silence” in the different dialogues. The silence does transmit more powerful messages, ideas or even secrets. I love the way the images are shot: clean, straight, maybe cold (like the surrounding winter). No glitter.

    • I agree! The directorial decisions are intentional and complement the plot and the setting. The silence helps tell the story. Such a great point!

  2. What struck me about the first episode was the writing style. Not much actually happened, but it drew me in strongly. I don’t know if this comparison works for anyone else, but it was almost like watching a painter paint by first sketching the broad outlines of the drawing and then going back over the same ground and filling in more color. I couldn’t turn away.

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