Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 1

Our favorite writing/PD team is back and creating a new drama set in a Hospital. Now, usually we are not really into medical dramas, but if anyone can convince us otherwise it is this writer. So come join us as we share the five most memorable moments from episode 1.

There was so much in this first episode that we felt we had to sift through the material to create a post that all of us could easily comment on in between raising our kids during the quarantine. So we have chosen to pick our top 5 moments. That doesn’t mean the rest of the show wasn’t amazing. If your favorite scene was not mentioned then feel free to discuss with us in the comments!

Doctor Darth Vader

Daddy doctor, Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) comes to the ER in an interesting outfit. Turns out he was playing Star Wars with his young son and his son superglued the Darth Vader helmet to his father’s hair. A bit of an embarrassment for the talented doctor.

To add insult to injury, Ik Jun has to perform an emergency surgery before he can get the helmet removed. This shows that, not only is he a great father, but a team player who puts others before himself.

Kmuse: This is such a great introduction of an interesting character. I am immediately wondering about his back story. Does he have a wife? Is he a single father? How did he not lose any of his hair when taking off the helmet? So many questions.

Telzeytalks: Darth Vader at the hospital is an instant classic. How can you not notice him? A middle-aged lady who calls him “sir” brings him in and tries to get help for him. I’m guessing that she’s his housekeeper and he’s a widower.

Drama Geek: I kept wondering when his character would show up, and when he did, I laughed SO hard. I have to admit that I’m having a hard time concentrating on shows right now, but the moment this scene happened, I knew I had found a place where I could immerse myself in these character’s lives and just laugh my butt off.

A Holy Family

Next, we meet chaebol son Ahn Jung Won. He is the youngest son of the hospital chairman who is on the verge of death. He is also expected to be declared the heir due to the fact that all four of his older siblings took vows with the Catholic church.

Enter (hopefully for extended cameos) our Reply 1988 dads who play the older brothers turned priests. They, along with their two nun sisters, are there as emotional support as their father passes away. We also discover that the oldest priest brother is often a sounding board when things get stressful at the hospital. What an amazing family.

Kmuse: I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the identity of the older brothers. It was a great surprise and set the mood for having humor mixed in with the sad backdrop of people passing away.

Telzeytalks: Yes! Strangely enough, with all the sadness of everyone trying to comfort the chairman’s wife, the scene where her children all come visit is the funniest part of the show! First comes the shock of the oldest son being a priest. Then you see the second son, and pretty soon you are gleefully anticipating one more person coming in wearing religious habit.

Drama Geek: Hands down, some of my favorite scenes were the mutliple drunk years where hottie youngest brother gets drunk and tells his priest brother he’s going to quit being a doctor. Poor guy had to carry the weight of the family legacy on his shoulders. He just wanted to be a priest! (I really want to know what went on in that family that they all chose that life. LOL)

Daddy Long Legs

Ahn Jung Won is expected to take over as head of the hospital but he has something else planned for his life. In exchange for stepping out of the running for CEO, he requested that his “team” gets the funds created by overpricing VVIP rooms. With this money, he will create a section where he can support those that can’t afford expensive costs.

Not only is Ahn Jung Won an amazing and giving human being he is also loyal to his besties. He creates his “team” by using his altruistic best friends to make up the doctor crew. I foresee a lot of funny and touching moments in our future.

Kmuse: I have always been a fan of the daddy long leg trope. It is even better when that philanthropic person is a sexy doctor with a heart of gold. If I wasn’t already in love with Jung Won’s character, this would have pushed me over.

Telzeytalks: It’s hilarious that our doctors are calling the payment assistance program “Daddy Long Legs,” especially when we find out that it is Jung Won doing it himself. And then he mooches off Jun Wan because he is always short of cash!

Drama Geek: Jung Won is my favorite character (yes, the actor’s abs might be part of it). I love his heart, and I love his relationship with his friends. I’m sure everyone will hope he gets a girl (ANY GIRL) by the end, but I’m here for the friendship and family relationships.

Introverts Unite

We get a brilliant flashback where we discover when our five best friends met each other. The place was an embarrassing talent show mixer for incoming med students. Our leads were all freshmen and expected to perform as entertainment. To avoid this embarrassing situation, they all ended up hiding in a small shed. They have been besties ever since.

Kmuse: What a fun meet cute scene. I love when an ensemble cast just meshes together well.

Telzeytalks: I would have reacted the way they all did! It’s interesting that even though they were horrified at being forced to sing extemporaneously, they ended up forming their own band and enjoyed playing together.

Drama Geek: Like I said, I’m in it for the friendship and this was fun to watch. It was cute how they met and bonded over their introverted ways.

Back in the Band

Ahn Jung Won has his deal set up with the Hospital board and now he just has to convince his friends that they want to be in his doctor team. Surprisingly, they are somewhat resistant considering he is offering them prestige and higher pay.

In the end, it is Yang Suk Hyung who is the holdout. He declares that unless his friends join him in getting their college band back together, then he is out. They slowly agree, even to the blackmail of letting their tone-deaf bestie Chae Song Hwa be their lead singer.

Kmuse: I love seeing a group of talented doctors turn into quirky friends the second they all gather together. I am not a huge fan of the medical genre and it is these humorous slice of life moments that are going to keep me watching.

Telzeytalks: Right from the beginning we see Suk Hyung wistfully remembering their college band days. We see the five friends discussing something, but don’t know that it is the band until near the end of the episode. I was pretty amused to see not only how Jung Won blackmails Jun Wan, but how the others react to this ploy! And then we find out that Song Hwa cannot sing at all.

Drama Geek: The band!! I love that they were conned into playing again. And I love that she can’t sing, especially when Darth Vader Daddy is over there with an amazing set of pipes.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I am enjoying this show so much. It was a little slow in the beginning but soon sucked me into the lives of our altruistic doctors. They are so nice and likable and I can’t wait to watch their story.

Telzeytalks: I agree, these are very likable characters, they are all different, and we already sympathize with them all. I am glad that there doesn’t seem to be an official villain. There are enough difficulties with trying to keep all these names straight, when some are so similar!

Drama Geek: It was a little slow for me, but the moment it made me laugh, I was hooked. I really need these quirky characters in my life right now. 11 more weeks of them might not be enough.

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  1. I am so happy that they are finally airing this show!

    Laughed really hard at the point where Jung Won’s family was introduced. And the part where he cried about the same issue over the years…it was so relatable. I was half amused, half thinking about how accurately it has captured the repetitive cycles of self-doubt in some people’s lives, even as they take on meaningful jobs.

    I am so looking forward to learning about each character and each family…

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