Top 5 Kpop MVs: Let’s Have a Little Fun

This post is totally and completely inspired by Dreamcatcher’s “Sahara” video. I loved watching them have so much fun lip syncing to their own song in the hallways of their entertainment company, and it immediately brought a lot of other favorite MVs to mind. Read on for a little more fun and laughs.

Some of these choices were totally inspired by my Playful Maknae list on Spotify. Go check it out, and if I’m missing something from the list, drop down in the comments and let me know!

Dreamcatcher – “Sahara”

I loveloveLOVE that the girls are in full performance makeup for most of this, and yet still having silly fun while making the video. For the best experience, watch with the captions on.

f(x) – “All Mine”

Another girl group having fun recording their own MV for their song! This song is a few years old, but I love the fun, free vibe they captured.

Jackson Wang – “100 Ways”

“100 Ways” is a different kind of fun. The whole MV is a mini-drama with excellent costuming, choreography, and storytelling — all in under 4 minutes. Check it out and see if it entertains you as much as it entertained me. I’m not gonna talk about how many times I’ve watched it already….

Lee Hong Gi and N.Flying – “Future”

Again, an old one, but a good one. I love the teasing banter they share at the beginning, as well as the hopeful tone of the song.

ATEEZ – “Wonderland” Gap Crush edition

ATEEZ are a bunch of ridiculous boys and ATINY love them for it. One of the best parts of this video is the word play — in Korean, the phrase “let’s go” is very close to the word for “snacks”, so sometimes you see the boys pull out snacks as they say it. It makes me laugh every time.

What songs are cheering you up right now, k-fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

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