Three Reasons to watch the Japanese Drama, Hey Sensei, Don’t You Know?

Are you stuck at home and needing a little fluffy romance in your life? Life has slowed down for most of us, and we all need a good distraction. I’ve glanced at this drama a few times and passed it over, but the other day I thought I’d give it a chance. Be warned, there are minor spoilers ahead.

Reason #1 She’s Not a Wilting Flower

Hanai Ao is a famous manga author and artist who has very little real-world experience. She spends more time with her fictional characters and assistants than with other people. After a thought-provoking critique from her editor, she makes a spontaneous choice to change her look. Her decision to change her look puts her in the hands of Riichi, and up and coming hairstylist. He sees what is underneath her slobby exterior and makes her feel beautiful. She is outspoken about how important her job is to her, and she uses her words! She says when she is ready and when she is not.

Reason #2 It’s Pure Familiar Fluff

The plot is pretty standard. Overworked girl meets boy who sees her for who she really is, but they never seem to have enough time together. While it’s not really anything new, it does have it’s positive points. I love how he likes her because she is so dedicated to her work. It’s not the typical swoony girl who does what she can to get the male lead’s interest. It’s actually kind of funny that he spends more time chasing her than she spends chasing him.

Reason #3 Not a Lot of Angst

Hanai debuted young and she’s been caught up in her manga ever since. When she is working on a project it completely owns her. That means she doesn’t shower, barely eats, and doesn’t look at her phone. Instead of getting mad at her, Riichi understands her dedication. Even though he is surrounded by beautiful women, he is a total professional. There is minor angst with the second leads, but you won’t be screaming at your screen.

There you have it, the top three reasons why you should watch Hey Sensei, Don’t You Know? I enjoyed this drama for its simplicity. It was nice to watch something predictable and fluffy. Let me know what you thought about this drama in the comments.

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  2. I love this show ♥ ..I also wish it had a longer dialog … I would truly love to see a continue of this drama .. The both main character’s where truly thee sweetest couple …

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