Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 2

It’s week 2 with our new doctor friends and today we get to celebrate my favorite character. All things lead to how absolutely amazing Chae Song Hwa is. And it’s a wonder none of our boys have made a play for her… or have they?

It Really is Flowers and Sausages

Today’s theme seems to be what kind of boss each doctor at this hospital can be. We start with the worst kind. He has a camera crew following him around, and he’s handed a high profile patient’s operation. This doctor is a total jerk, and you can tell he’s gained his notoriety by blaming others for his mistakes, and taking credit for their triumphs.

Darth Vader Daddy is in general surgery and he’s buttering up to the only resident they have for their division. She seems to be clueless to everyone being super nice to her because of this. She is called down to help with a child who is brought in and it doesn’t look like there’s much hope for his survival. She delivers the truth of his condition with very little compassion and even adds that if the mom had done CPR, her child might have survived. Daddy Long Legs Doc shows up to hear this and pulls her aside to reprimand her. He’s frustrated with her, but does it in a way where she realizes what she did was wrong.

At the same time, she’s called down to the ER. Darth Vader Daddy is called to fill in for one of the kitchen workers. He is put in charge of the sausage dispersal and hilariously gives interns more and the higher-ups just one.

Drama Geek: Okay, until the sausage scene I was struggling with this episode. Lots of doctors being mean, and just a bit too much reality right now. But I laughed so hard at how petty he was with his sausages. So funny. I also liked that later Daddy Long Legs Doc got to see the GS resident was good at the rest of her job. She jumped in when no one else would, and pulled maggots off a patient’s leg. She just needs a bit of help with communicating with people.

Telzeytalks: This episode had a rough start, with patients and their families yelling at doctors, and doctors yelling at the residents. Not to mention a large amount of wailing and crying. But then suddenly Song Hwa surprised us by discharging a complaining patient because she was healthy enough to shout, and a sweet heart patient tried to cheer up a resident. That’s when things began to look up, and then Darth Vader Daddy made me laugh with his lame little dance and his sausages!

Kmuse: I might be having some serious love for Darth Vader Daddy. The way he is so in tune with his son at the beginning made my heart pitter-patter and then when he was so shameless giving out sausages. His character has just really caught my attention amid a lot of great characters.

3.5 Bowls of Rice

Our friends end up grabbing something to eat after their long hours at the hospital. It’s this hilarious back and forth of Song Hwa and Joon Wan wolfing down their food, and poor Daddy Long Legs Doc not getting anything at all. This happens a lot. Song Hwa and Joon Won argue about the fact that he knew her ex-boyfriend cheated on her but didn’t tell her. He says the ex confessed anyway, so what’s the problem.

Drama Geek: I added this scene because it’s exactly the kind of back and forth comedic mess I love from this team. Seok Hyeong over to the side trying to figure out if he wants to order for his mom. Song Hwa and Joon Wan arguing about her ex, while poor Daddy Long Legs doesn’t get any food and tries to order 5 bowls of rice.

Telzeytalks: In the middle of all this light bickering and passing napkins and chili powder, Song Hwa is able to bring up the serious question of taking over the surgery from the jerk doctor. She gets different reasonable opinions, and I was happy to see her take advice from Daddy Long Legs Doc about what is crossing the line.

Kmuse: I love that these five people are so different in their styles of doctoring yet can still respect each other’s opinions. You can literally feel the love and respect they have for each other.

Secret Twins

There are tons of characters in this show, and it’s a bit crowded, but two that stood out this episode were two new med students who are both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They observe most of the day, and when they’re asked why they decided to become doctors, they both give the same story about how their mom was sick and after witnessing the caring people who helped her, they decided to be a doctor. At first, it’s played off that the male med student was copying his classmate. We later learn that they’re twins and their mom needed surgery. Unfortunately, they lost their mom but the surgeon impressed them because she cried in front of them and said she’d become a better doctor.

Drama Geek: I liked their story and it was obvious from the moment they mentioned the shoes they were talking about Song Hwa. I love how much this drama is showing what a good doctor looks like. She’s not a genius, she just works really hard, and is compassionate towards her patients.

Telzeytalks: One of my favorite characters is Nurse Hwang, and I loved her best in a scene where she didn’t even appear. She noticed Song Hwa’s shoes were getting worn and figured out that they were about ten years old. She offered to get new ones and was turned down, but lo and behold, on Song Hwa’s birthday there was a box on her desk. Opening it up, she found shoes exactly like her old ones. This story obviously ties in with the story of the twins not remembering what their mom’s doctor looked like, because they never looked up, but only looked at her shoes.

Kmuse: It is so uplifting to see stories of doctors who lost patients and it isn’t all screaming and blame. That is one of the biggest things that puts me off the medical genre but this drama is avoiding those pitfalls. Or at least using them to contrast what a good and caring doctor our five leads are.

The Best Solution is Not Always the Easiest

Song Hwa spends the episode being hounded by one of her subordinates. He knows the surgeon who’s being followed by cameras really isn’t qualified to perform the surgery he’s been given. He wants Song Hwa to take it back from him. She already has a really long surgery scheduled before that, and can’t reschedule. It’s also not good to make the other doctor look incompetent. The subordinate who tries to convince her even goes as far as belittling the patient into changing surgeons. Song Hwa reprimands him for it, and it the end she finds a way to assist the other doctor, and lets him save face.

To add to Song Hwa’s awesomeness. She finds out her friend is one of her patients and convinces her to have the surgery she needs. Her friend is obviously depressed, and doesn’t want her husband to know what’s going on. Song Hwa is an encouraging doctor and a good friend. Her friend keeps thinking the older ladies in her room want to know about the breast she had surgery on, but they all just think she’s pretty. She’s still young and has the face they wish they could go back to. It’s a touching moment that leads into her husband finally showing up, and a tearful reunion.

Drama Geek: The older ladies were really sweet, and I’m glad they were able to help the friend realize she was still pretty even after breast surgery. I was a little annoyed the jerk doctor was still able to claim credit for a surgery he might have botched, but it really was the best solution.

Telzeytalks: I was not happy with the writers when the jerk doctor berated the residents and resisted using newer surgical methods. But I forgave them when Song Hwa awesomely defused the problem by quietly asking him if she could assist in the surgery and learn from him. That was my favorite scene from this episode. And she just as quietly asked her subordinate to apologize to the patient for being rude. I just love the way she shines when she finds compromises.

Kmuse: I teared up when the friend’s husband made it back from a foreign country to be there for his wife. It just made my heart full to see their love and affection for each other. Song Hwa really is the best in all regards.

Seok Hyeong’s Confession

The wife of the new hospital director died, and so the friends are at another funeral together. They’re all gathered around the table and trying to make small talk with the director and Daddy Long Legs Doc’s mom. She’s complaining about how none of her kids are married, and Seok Hyeong says he’s divorced and Darth Vader Daddy says he’s married (hmmm, where’s his wife?) That leaves the director to wonder why the other two have never dated Song Hwa. Seok Hyeong says he asked her out once, but she said she liked someone else. We don’t know who that was (or if it was one of the other three boys). Later we see that Joon Wan did go see Song Hwa’s ex and made him confess that he cheated on her. He insists that he did it as a friend.

Drama Geek: I’m 100% okay with there being no romance or secret crush, and I’ll settle for no love triangle. I kind of hope that Daddy Long Legs ends up with Maggot Doctor. LOL. Not sure why I saw a possible connection between them. I do think if there is any romance it will be Song Hwa and Joon Wan. I kind of like that he confronted her boyfriend, just because that’s what friends do, but there could be more.

Telzeytalks: Right now I’m just enjoying the friendship between our five docs. They know each other well, are very supportive, and completely unselfconscious. I loved seeing Song Hwa standing out in front of the hospital at the end of a long day, and Darth Vader Daddy pulling up in his car and asking her to go eat. Then when she offers to call the others, he rolls down the windows and there they all are!

Kmuse: I am also a fan of Maggot Doctor and Daddy Long Legs. I think there is something there that could be flamed into a romance. As for the romance between everyone else, I have learned to trust the writer. Sure love triangles are frustrating but I have faith that our doctors will have a satisfactory ending whether it is part of a couple or not.

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter comment that the show has too many characters to focus on, and I somewhat agree. But if you don’t look at it as a 1 season show… well, then you can see they are setting it up so that we have a full cast of characters with a variety of different stories to follow. One thing I do agree with the Twitter peeps though, this show shines more when our five friends are all together.

Telzeytalks: We did start off here with a lot of new characters, which was rather hard to follow, but you can see that there were several of them who filtered to the top. As we were getting used to them, it was interesting to notice how many of those confusing, sometimes contentious scenes were matched by later scenes of kindly actions or problem-solving. So actually there is a lot of structure to the episode. That gives me a lot of confidence in the writers!

Kmuse: The one episode a week is actually working for me. It gives me all the feels without overloading my psyche with medical drama. Can’t wait to watch the next episode and see where it takes us.

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