A Fangirl Gets Her Groove On with K-Kardio

I LOVE to dance! Usually, my Saturday mornings are spent at my local K-pop dance class, where we learn the latest chorus choreography from freshly released K-pop music videos. But as our city is currently sheltering-in-place, classes have been put on hold. So what’s a girl to do when she’s just gotta dance?! Well, come check out the awesome YouTube channel, K-Kardio, with me and see how you can get your groove on too!

Based in Singapore, K-Kardio is the brainchild of Jessia Lim. She takes key dance moves from K-pop MVs and adds in cardio movements to create recognizable and easy-to-learn routines. Even if you’ve never danced before you can join in and have fun with her choreography! (Also, you can adjust the playback speed in your YouTube settings, if you need to take it a bit slower at first!)

Park Bo Gum’s Bombastic is a fantastic first choice! My daughter and I had a blast trying out this dance – she even suggested we should put on our hanbok and try it again! (Clkytta: MiataMama and I did this one yesterday and it was so much fun!)

If you’re a BTS fan, there are several dances available on the K-Kardio channel – this is one of my favorites.

You’ve got to try out Mamamoo’s ‘Hip’!

Maybe you’re like me and *still* haven’t learned the dance to Zico’s Any Song yet, this one’s for you!

And last, but not least, I have to add this one. . . ATEEZ!! 

Just because you may be stuck inside, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck on your couch! Get up and DANCE!

Share your favorite K-Kardio dances with me in the comments below!



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8 thoughts on “A Fangirl Gets Her Groove On with K-Kardio

  1. I don’t really listen to kpop but I clicked on the Bombastic video coz I love Park Bo Gum’s Bombastic dance, and color me surprised, the girl on the extreme right is a cardio instructor at workout sessions that a friend of mine attends regularly here in Singapore. I only know that coz she posts post-workout photos on Facebook. All that to say, WHAT A SMALL WORLD! 😀

  2. KKardio’s routine for BTS’ Fire is still one of my favorites, mostly because I can actually keep up with some of the choreo! Coordinated I am not…..

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