3 Reasons to Check out Chinese Drama Skate Into Love

The Fangirls started the youthful Chinese drama, Skate Into Love, which is turning into the perfect fluffy binge. Come find out why we think everyone should join us in cheering for the OTPs ice-filled love.

Enemies to Lovers Trope

Kmuse: This is actually one of my favorite romantic tropes and Skate Into Love does it very well. We have Tang Xue & Li Yu Bing, two frenemies that had a tumultuous relationship during elementary school. They meet again in college where Tang Xue is a washed-up speed skater studying veterinary medicine and Yu Bing is the ice god hockey star. He tricks her into being his assistant to get revenge for all the bullying during elementary school. But before you turn away because of the revenge plotline, be comforted in the fact that this is revenge light. And the revenge doesn’t last very long as our leading man is won over by our leading lady’s quirky charm.

Clkytta: This drama gives me all The Cutting Edge vibes. I loved that movie so much. Toe pick! Anyway, one of the charms about Skate Into Love is that Tang Xue doesn’t seem to remember being the terrorizing frenemy from Li Yu Bing’s childhood. She remembers him fondly. He spends so much time plotting and planning to make her life miserable, only to realize that he doesn’t really want her to be miserable.

Super cute OTP (One True Pairing)

Kmuse: These two are so adorkable together. Between Tang Xue’s energy and Yu Bing’s smirks, we have a smorgasbord of cute OTP moments. Which is a good thing since most of the side characters are one dimensional. But that isn’t always a horrible thing. Especially when the main romance is strong enough to pull the whole show.

Clkytta: They are such good foils for each other. Like Kmuse said, this drama is totally OTP driven. The side characters don’t do a whole lot that kept my interest.

Fluffy Escapism

Kmuse: For those of you reading this now, you know that everything is a tiny bit crazy with all of us stuck in the house because of the pandemic sweeping the world. So escapism is an absolute must and this is perfect for those of you who want to escape into a nice snuggly story that doesn’t get too serious. So check it out for the sweet romance and fun skating competition.

Clkytta: With so much time on our hands, a lot of us are binge watching like never before. I can’t watch anything serious right now, the news is more fantastic than any fiction plot that I’ve read in years. So I’ve been looking for fluffy and fun, and this drama fits the bill.

Do We recommend

Kmuse: I give this show a thumbs up. Sure, it doesn’t go super deep but it is a great drama to binge while you are stuck inside indefinitely.

Clkytta: I’m not as far into this drama as Kmuse is, but I’m enjoying it. Grab your favorite snack and give it a chance. Know your limits, don’t try to skate on slick floors wearing socks. Not like I tried that or anything…

There you have it, our thoughts on Skate Into Love. If you want to go into more details then be sure to leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments. We would love to discuss more in depth with our readers.

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One thought on “3 Reasons to Check out Chinese Drama Skate Into Love

  1. I love this so much, the OTP are soooooo cute and it’s the perfect escapism! I am a health care worker and this is the perfect end of the day sweet dessert and I find I’m looking forward to it during the day! For once I am happy that chinese dramas have daily episodes because live watching is so hard if there are only 2/week like kdramas (or once a week like taiwanese dramas!). I’m so obsessed I’m watching it pre-sub, fortunately between listening and reading the chinese which I don’t understand well I am getting 80% of what’s going on – first time I’m thankful for weekend chinese classes in high school! I’m glad you guys are liking it too, stay safe!

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