Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 3

This week we get to see the softer side of one of our stone-faced doctors, find out there a few crushes zinging along under the radar, and one of our poor doctors is about the have the worst week ever. Too bad he doesn’t have his Darth Vader helmet on to hide from the world in.

Joon Wan’s Inner Marshmallow

We all knew that Joon Wan’s harsh outer layer was hiding some super sweet marshmallowy fluff. He is brisk and abrupt with the patients and families, not willing to give false promises. But in the background, you see his willingness to go the extra mile for his patients. Joon Wan gives up golf with the higher-ups in order to take care of his patients. Joon Wan even goes to the wedding of a patient’s daughter in order to take lots of photos so his patient doesn’t miss out. And before you think that is an easy sacrifice, you have to look at the silver metallic suit he borrowed in order to attend the wedding. The things you do when you are a sweet doctor.

Kmuse: The hideous silver suit is going to go down as one of the things I will remember from this drama. Joon Wan’s horror at seeing the matching tie was epic. I also loved that last scene where Joon Wan reflected on his first heart surgery, touching the heart of a patient and deciding that this was going to be his life’s calling. This drama really knows how to bring the humanity back into the medical genre.

Telzeytalks: The clash is great between Joon Wan’s unsympathetic bedside manner and his kindhearted actions later. I cracked up when that poor patient who was missing his daughter’s wedding complained to the nurse. She answered understandingly, “Our apologies. We already know.”

Drama Geek: I am glad that his patients eventually got to see his softer side. A doctor should have a bedside manner that helps patients go through some of the scariest times of their lives. Did I miss him taking pictures of the wedding? That suit was hilarious huge and hideous. So perfect.

Priest vs. Doctor

Daddy Long Legs has decided that he is going to become a priest after all. His friends discover his decision but he tells them there is still a year before he takes the plunge. He has to finish out his contract and won’t leave everyone in a lurch.

Kmuse: Oh dear heavens. I thought we were past our hot Daddy Long Legs wanting to be a priest. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it would be a shame for such a sweet talented doctor to stay single forever (the romantic inside of me is screeching in despair.)

Telzeytalks: He is especially good with kids, so I would hate to see him give up. Maybe he has just had enough of all the stress and thinks that a life like his brother’s would be better.

Drama Geek: I think he’ll always have that warring inside of him until he steps away from being a doctor and realizes how much it means to him. He’s amazing at it, and very committed. He even left his half marathon and ran in those amazing shorts back to the hospital. His siblings have what he thinks is the perfect life, and I think he’ll learn very quickly that he’s not suited to it. Hopefully before he takes his vows…

Darth Vader Daddy Knows How to Play the Game

Resident Jang (Maggot Doctor) is, once again, being wooed by all the doctors to pick their case to help with. Much to everyone else’s despair, she chooses Darth Vader Daddy’s once again. Later, she admits to her co-workers, that she does like Darth Vader Daddy. Just when you begin to wonder if there is a Darth Vader Crush on the horizon, you discover that all is not as it first appears. In fact, Darth Vader Daddy is giving her photos of Daddy Long Legs in exchange for her work on his cases. Bwahahaha. When he asks why Resident Jang is interested in a man who is going to become a priest, she declares that he isn’t a priest yet, so there is hope.

Kmuse: This was EPIC. I love that Darth Vader Daddy figured out how to get what he wants and it only requires some selfies of his best friend. It is such a cute twist and I am firmly on board Daddy Long Legs finding love outside of the priesthood.

Telzeytalks: Drama Geek nailed it last week when she picked up on something between Daddy Long Legs and Resident Jang! I cheered when I saw that confession. After this I’m really paying attention to Drama Geek’s predictions!

Drama Geek: LOL. Who wouldn’t fall for Daddy Long Legs after he passionately reprimanded her. When she was talking to Darth Vader Daddy, the attributes she listed for him were pretty accurate. He is a pretty dreamy person, and a great doctor. What’s not to swoon over?

Karaoke Anyone?

We get our weekly flashback and this time it is of our five besties belting out their feelings at the karaoke bar. They sport the worst fashion of perms and dyed tips that distract from the loud and enthusiastic rendition of a popular song.

Kmuse: I live for these flashback scenes. Not that they are not pretty much the same now (just better styled) but to see them with less worries and cares is always amusing. This is ensemble storytelling at its best.

Telzeytalks: Especially since we see these guys lose their down time so often, it’s nice to see them get to relax together. They have an easy give and take, even when Joon Wan cancels Song Hwa’s music so he can have a turn.

Drama Geek: I love seeing them like this, but also love how it shows that they really are very professional as doctors and tend to relax into themselves when they’re with each other. I also love how horrible they make her singing. I’d cancel her turn too. Hehe.

Divorce is on the Horizon

This episode isn’t all positive fluffy moments. Sadly, our Darth Vader Daddy gets some very tragic news from his wife. Turns out she has been absent the last year and a half working in Germany. And she seems to like being free of the encumbrance of a husband and son. Upon returning to South Korea, she informs Darth Vader Daddy that she wants a divorce (just because.) But it doesn’t take Darth Vader Daddy long to discover that his wife is cheating on him and brought her lover with her to dump him.

Kmuse: Gasp! That cheating hussy. She doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as Darth Vader Daddy. Good riddance to her and her selfish attitude. Darth Vader Daddy deserves nothing less than someone loving him 100%.

Telzeytalks: We have been wondering about his wife. We instantly hate her because she didn’t remember her child has a peanut allergy. Then he called the restaurant and they remembered his cute family; my heart dropped and he dropped the phone at about the same time.

Drama Geek: Was it really a good marriage if she stayed away for a year and half and probably rarely called? Darth Vader Daddy is such a sweet doctor. I choked up so hard when he made the organ donor team wait until it was no longer Children’s Day. He’s an amazing dad too, and I hope this writing team will show him having a happy family by the end. Though, since this show is saying there will be a season two, it could be they save some things for later.

Final Thoughts

Kmuse: This is the first week that I felt really connected with the characters and their stories. Once again the show managed to delve into the humanity behind the medical profession and I feel very invested in what is going to happen next.

Telzeytalks: This may be a medical show, but I’ve got to hand it to them, that they are surgery lite. We had the baby this time, but mostly it is only monitors. And it looks like I was wrong about who gave Song Hwa the birthday shoes. It was Chi Hong, one of her residents. So now there’s that to watch for!

Drama Geek: I am thankful that they don’t waist time on showing us the surgeries. There is really no need, that’s not what we’re watching to see. We want to experience everything else. I’m totally onboard to follow these five doctors, and all their underlings through the good and the bad of their lives.

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