5 Bingeable Chinese Dramas To Watch Now

If you are like me, then you currently have a lot of hours to fill with dramas. Which means it is the perfect time to take a glance at a longer Chinese drama. They might be lengthy but the emotional payout on some of these is epic in proportion. So join me as I share five Chinese dramas that you can binge ASAP.

Go Princess Go

If you are looking for a drama that is super quirky, visually stunning, and just all-around fun, then check out Go Princess Go. This is one of the better shows when it comes to gender bender/ body swap themes and it had me laughing from beginning to end. If you want humorous escapism then this truly is the drama for you.

Nirvana in Fire

Nirvana in Fire is one of the few dramas that I have given a 10/10 to. The tightly written political story perfectly weaves this story of magic and revenge. And Wang Kai and Hu Ge make my heart flutter with their epic bromance. If you like any kind of historical/political genre then I highly recommend giving this drama a chance.

Eternal Love of Dream (Pillow Book)

This is the most recent of my suggestions and one I highly recommend. Dilraba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao have never had better chemistry in this fantasy romance. Just be prepared for sleepless nights and constant swooning if you choose to try Eternal Love of Dream.

Love Me if You Dare

Ever wonder if the hottie you are crazy about is actually, well, crazy? That question and many other crime-related questions is answered in the suspenseful romance Love Me if You Dare. It will have you questioning if falling in love is actually worth possibly dying.

Scarlet Heart

For those of you who enjoyed Scarlet Heart Ryeo then try the hit Chinese drama that it was based on. The story is even better and more gripping than the South Korean version. The story arc, on a whole, just worked better within the Chinese culture and made a lot of the plot arcs make more sense. It is incredibly bingeable and I promise that the unique hairstyles don’t stand out after an episode or two.

There you go, hundreds of hours of great drama gold which can all be found on Viki and YouTube. Be sure to let me know what Chinese dramas you guys are currently watching and whether you think they would make a good quarantine binge!

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9 thoughts on “5 Bingeable Chinese Dramas To Watch Now

  1. I’ve watched Nirvana In Fire 4 times in whole and countless favorite scenes innumerable times — my only sadness is that currently on Viki only the English dubbed version is available in the US. Missing out on Hu Ge’s and Wang Kai’s voices is a real shame. I would also agree with the very romantic “Scarlet Heart” though you may not find Nicky Wu as conventionally attractive as most leading men; it builds beautifully.

      • I have seen it there as well, but not all episodes. And sometimes I’ll play them and then cue up the next one only to get a “not available in your region” message (though if I exit and go back it will sometimes play). The struggle is real (sigh…)

  2. Personally, I am finally watching all those long, serious, talked-about dramas to binge on. 6 weeks of lockdown and this is my almost-done list – royal nirvana, the untamed, scarlet heart, the pillow book, sparrow, the disguiser , ever nigh 1 & 2, ming dynasty, under the power, joy of life, wu-xin, serenade of peaceful joy. And in between, also rewathcing (ya, unbelieveable) some fluffy ones like go go squid, eternal love 1&2, love 020, my girlfriend is an alien, the legends. Pretty incredible how much time I invested in dramaland this time.

    • So you’ve watched The Eternal Love where the FL from the modern universe? How was it compared to Eternal Love / Ten Miles of Peach Blossom drama?

  3. Nirvana in Fire was the drama that got me into Chinese dramas! The political schemes were all so intricate and well written. And Love Me If You dare had so many twists and turns. I appreciated that the main female character wasn’t annoyingly useless or anything and ACTUALLY carried her weight. Great recommendations! I’ll have to check of Go Princess Go!

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