Drama Teasers of the Week!

We have a couple of hard-hitting dramas starting soon. Come check out what’s starting and let us know what you’ll be watching!

The King: Eternal Monarch

Alternate Korea with a royal family, parallel universes, and Lee Min Ho trying to catch a criminal and close the hole between worlds — what more could we want? The music in this teaser is enchanting and when you add in Lee Min Ho’s deep voice — I’m completely entranced. How can I wait until April 17th for this drama to start?

Oh My Baby

Jang Na Ra is back! This time she’s staring 40 in the face and wants to have a baby without all the trouble of attaching herself to a man, when suddenly three men come into her life. Also starring Go Joon (the mafia boss from Fiery Priest), Park Byung En (the CEO from Because This is My First Life), and Jung Gun Joo (Lee Do Hwa from Extraordinary You), Oh My Baby starts on May 6th.

When My Love Blooms

A second-chance romance that stars Yoo Ji Tae (the uncle from Healer), Lee Bo Young (Mother and I Hear Your Voice) and Park Jin Young (He is Psychometric). Never have I ever been so tempted to watch a melo! When My Love Blooms starts April 25th.

Born Again

How do I even explain this plot? We’ve got two timelines intertwining three fates, and not in a love triangle sort of way — there’s gonna be murder and revenge driving the second timeline and I am ALL IN for this. Born Again stars Jang Ki Yong (Come and Hug Me), Jin Se Yeon (Grand Prince), and Lee Soo Hyuk (High School King of Savvy, The Scholar Who Walks the Night) and starts on April 20th.

We’ve got some good stories headed our way, k-fans! Which ones will you be watching? Drop down in the comments and let us know.

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  1. Looking forward to The King: The Eternal Monarch on Netflix!
    Also considering When My Love Blooms for Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young.

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