Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 5

This week we don’t focus on one particular member of our Fabulous Five, but get a taste of what is going on in each of their lives. My favorite thing this week came early in the episode and had to do with a shoeless chase and a water jug straight to the forehead.

Not on My Watch.

Daddy Long Legs has assessed the second twin and accurately identified he’s being abused. He confronts the father, and the dad runs off. Our awesome Resident Jang slips her shoes off and is in hot pursuit. They run through the hospital, into the stairwell, and then out again. After a tussle, it looks like he might have the upper hand, but then he gets whacked in the head with one of those bottles from a water cooler. Jang’s savior? None other than my favorite doc of all time, Song Hwa.

Drama Geek: I yelled out a cheer then laughed for like ten minutes. I was having a really stressful week (the new norm?) and this scene broke all the tension in my body and allowed me to just enjoy these people live their lives. I think that’s my favorite thing about this drama. Is it’s just them being them, and we get to experience it.

Telzeytalks: Yes. It is such an amazing progression of emotions. Being extra suspicious because of having two little kids with injuries. Becoming hopeful when Dr. Jang gives chase and tangles with the perp. I really thought she was the hero of the hour. And then we are floored along with the dad when Song Hwa steals the show with that water jug!

Kmuse: This will definitely be on my top 10 moments of the drama list. Resident Jang is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the drama because of scenes like this. She is tough and does what needs to be done.

Can I please get that on the OST?

Our members convene for practice and Darth Vader Daddy gets to lead this song. It completely changes the dynamic of the group and I’m REALLY hoping we get this on the OST. As they practice, their phones go off and Doctor Yang has to leave, then Darth Vader Daddy. The rest carry on without them. Yang rushes to the hospital in concern, but it’s just the nurses throwing him a birthday party. The friends had something planned for Yang as well, but they have to celebrate in the basement without him.

Drama Geek: I love that no matter how busy they are, because Yang insisted they continue with their band, that they still get together to rehearse. You can tell it’s the zen time to just get away from the stress of their lives.

Telzeytalks: Poor Dr. Yang! He is the one who wanted to revive the band the most, and he’s not pleased that the nurses tricked him to leave. It’s sweet that they wanted to celebrate with him, but that means that Daddy Long Legs is left desolately holding the other cake.

Kmuse: I have been a huge fan of Darth Vader Daddy’s singing ability since he was in the drama What’s Up. So I was waiting for the moment they took his natural skills and ran with them. I also like how we, once again, get a glimpse of their dedication to their work. As well as their understanding of each other on a friend level.

Mafia with the fam

Daddy Long Legs is over at his mom’s house and they’re joined by the director of the hospital and some other doctor. Soon Yang’s mom arrives, and they eventually end up playing Mafia. The Director is supposed to play with his granddaughter soon and he needs to know how to play. So, they, of course, enlist the young one of the group to help them learn.

Drama Geek: This is as funny as it sounds. The exasperation from Daddy Long Legs is palpable when they do not play correctly. His mom and the Director bicker like an old married couple and it’s adorable. I also loved how Jang’s mom shows up decked out like Audrey Hepburn and plays it off like she’s very casual. She can benefit from some adult interaction that is not her son, and it’s refreshing to see her with the other parents.

Telzeytalks: When they try out the game, Mom doesn’t get it at all, and immediately announces that she is “mafia” without letting anyone try to guess. Then on the next round, she blurts out that it’s not her this time. The Chairman says that it’s not him, but adds that it would be better if they suspected him, and claims to be the “mafia” after all. Mom asks, “How can you run the hospital with a brain like that?” hahaha!

Kmuse: The older generations banter is just as entertaining as our five doctors. I loved that we had a glimpse into their lives/relationships and really want more of this group. I am also kind of shipping Mom and Chairman as a couple. I think they would be wonderful companions in their later lives.

ALLLLL the Crushes

We may need a chart by the end of the season. LOL. Resident Jang is still firmly crushing on Daddy Long Legs, and I’m pretty sure she ran after that dad mostly to impress him. He doesn’t acknowledge her efforts though and seems to be giving her the cold shoulder on purpose. Also in the hospital, we have one of Yang’s underlings wanting to confess to him. It’s the one doctor who was appalled at him asking her to cover the baby’s mouth before she understood the reason. She’s ready to bring him coffee but spies him with his father’s mistress and misunderstands.

Then we have Marshmallow Doc and Ik Soon. He is getting renovations done and needs to stay with Darth Vader Daddy but his sister is there too. He casually asks what degree belt she is in two different martial arts and Darth Vader Daddy says first degree. Confident in his knowledge he sneaks up on her when he gets home, and she kicks the crap out of his face in self-defense. Brother forgot to mention all the other martial arts she is much higher degrees in. The next morning Ik Soon leaves her phone at the apartment, and Marshmallow Doc happily brings it to her. She looks fantastic in a dress, and they flirt for a little bit before he confesses that he likes her.

Drama Geek: I left one couple out because I’ll talk about them in the next section. But I have to say I find all the couples fun to watch in their various stages of flirting. It feels very realistic for a workplace and group of friends. I can see crushing on your friend’s sister, or the doctor you’re learning from that is amazing at what they do and very compassionate. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them pan out. I think my favorite is Marshmallow Doc and the sister. They have great chemistry and that kick to the face had me dying with laughter. His poor face!

Telzeytalks: I love Marshmallow Doc and Ik Soon! Who would have thought we’d get two girl fighters in one episode? She is so extremely good at kicks, and Marshmallow Doc falls and then slumps slowly to the floor. Then when he is applying ointment to his mouth, she teases him by holding the mirror and moving it around.

Kmuse: I’m a fan of all the ships in this show. All the characters and prospective romantic pairings are great people and I would be happy if any of them pan out. Or not, since these people are so epic they don’t need to be in a relationship to complete them.

Don’t You Get Melo On Me!

Song Hwa notices roses on her desk and puts two and two together. When her underling with the crush brings her coffee, she calls him out on it and tells him to stop having feelings and just Don’t. He lets her know that feelings don’t work that way, and he’s sorry. They’re at a standstill after that. Part of the reason she may be pushing him away is that she’s detected a lump in her breast and goes in the get it checked out. The doctor is concerned after seeing the images and wants to do a biopsy that day, which Song Hwa consents to.

Drama Geek: I will trust that the show will not go too sad and melo. They’ve really managed to make a hospital drama very uplifting, fun and highly entertaining. I’m actually questioning the roses. The way the scene was filmed makes me think they are from someone else, and she pushes him to confess in error. I mean, he does like her, so she isn’t wrong. I just suspect someone else put them on her desk. We’ll see, I could be way off.

Telzeytalks: I know why you are questioning the roses. Song Hwa found a box of shoes on her desk and we guessed wrong about who brought them. But it was her resident, Chi Hong, who gave her the shoes, so I think he is likely to be behind the flowers too. We will have to see! Just to confuse the issue, he is the friend of Ik Soon’s who she visited when she was in the hospital last episode. He was in the military with her.

Kmuse: I’m always nervous when it comes to kdramas and illnesses. Especially when it is an ensemble slice of life story. I’m sure this storyline will bring tears and smiles as we go on a new trial with our doctor besties.

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: The more we get to know the doctors, the harder I fall. I will be really happy if we can keep the feel of the drama up through the end of season one, and have a lot more story to tell in the next season.

Telzeytalks: I love it how these five friends know each other’s families so well, and even their parents all know each other and accept the whole bunch as family. Dr. Yang’s mom shows up at Daddy Long Leg’s mom’s house and helps pester him to get a girlfriend! All his mom wants is grandchildren, and the rest of her kids are all nuns and priests!

Kmuse: I am very invested in everyone’s story and eventual happiness. Including all the side characters that interact with our main five. This writer is always brilliant in humanizing everyone to the point you feel almost overwhelmed with feels.

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  1. I live this kdrama so much! I made the mistake of watching Episode 1. I ended up binge watching up to Ep. 5 that night. Now, I have to suffer and wait for the new epsiode every week.
    Mafia with elders cracked me up like crazy!

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