Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 6

This week’s episode had so many great moments it was hard to pick just five to discuss. So join us as we try to whittle our list down to those moments that really stood out.

Obviously twitterpated

We find Marshmallow Doctor waiting impatiently to find out if his love confession is going to be reciprocated. Which means he is practically glued to his phone with a goofy expression on his face. An expression that lets the world know that he is a man in a relationship, even if it isn’t official yet. Thankfully, Marshmallow Doc is put out of his misery as Ik Soon texts him that yes she wants to date him. Marshmallow Doc bursts into smiles and dances around the hallway in joy.

Kmuse: His happy smile is life. I literally laughed for joy when he got confirmation that this is their first day as a romantic couple.

Telzeytalks: He burst into smiles? He’s not the only one. I found myself grinning ear to ear as I watched this unfold. Earlier, when he asked her to date, she had requested 72 hours to decide. He responded, “Is this a military operation? Take your time!” These two are so very endearing!

Drama Geek: I loved how everyone kept commenting that he was waiting on a lover’s call, and how they could tell he was the one that wasn’t in the drivers seat. Sounds like she’s had something bad happen in the past, and I hope Oppa Marshmallow is exactly the relationship she needs. His wiggle dance in the hallway was the best, and I’m a little sad no one caught him.

A famous cameo

Go Ara reconnects with her Answer Me 1994 director as she cameos in Hospital Playlist. Enter the daughter of a patient who is a glamorous actress. Also, she’s an ex-girlfriend to our Darth Vader Daddy. They enjoy a lunch together, joking over who had dumped whom. Their cute banter is interrupted by the Hospital CEO and Daddy Long Leg’s mom who get a selfie with the actress.

Kmuse: Why can’t Go Ara only work with this director? He manages to make her look so pleasant and natural. She is just not an actress I have enjoyed much since 1994. However, I loved her cameo and really enjoyed seeing her added into the mix.

Telzeytalks: I saw Go Ara in Ms. Hammurabi, and liked her a lot in that. Her cameo here was very cute, and she was holding her own, until the Chairman and Mom swept in and showed us what real pros are. They were so excited to see her and have a chance to talk, but they also completely upstaged her and took the spotlight away.

Drama Geek: I really like her in Ms. Hammurabi as well. She was super cute in the cameo and I died at how close the parents got to her. A different kind of social distancing was in order. LOL. Also, can they just date already. So CUTE.

Brother-in-law is that you?

Darth Vader Daddy is obsessed with hooking his sister up with Chi Hong. Not only is he a future doctor but he is also one of his sister’s best friends. He invites the young resident to join them for lunch, calling him Brother-In-Law, and giving him tips to win his sister’s heart. The only problem is that Marshmallow Doc is sitting beside him, fuming that his bestie is trying to pimp out his future girlfriend. Marshmallow Doc makes his friend shut up by slamming a boiled egg against his head…twice. This, of course, makes the two men revert to toddlers as they bicker and grapple while Song Hwa and Chi Hong watch.

Kmuse: I could not stop laughing. The expression on Darth Vader Daddy’s face when he got egg smacked was priceless. I can’t wait to see how he discovers his bestie and sister are canoodling.

Telzeytalks: I am easy prey to second-hand embarrassment, and this scene got to me, as Darth Vader Daddy kept putting his foot in it. Then finally Marshmallow Doc gave him the side-eye and it was such a relief to me when he wonked Darth Vader Daddy upside the head with the egg and put a stop to it.

Drama Geek: SOOOOOOO funny. They really are like brothers. Darth Vader Daddy is just super clueless and has no idea that his friend likes his sister. He also doesn’t know that Chi Hong has already confessed to Song Hwa and has a huge crush of his own. Foot in mouth all the way around.

Cancer free

Song Hwa is waiting for the biopsy results and finally tells her besties that she is concerned over a lump in her breast. She breaks the news at dinner and we see all her friends trying to figure out who they need to call to make things easier and speed up the process. Song Hwa declares that this is the reason she didn’t tell them sooner.

The next day, Song Hwa enters to find her results, only to discover Darth Vader Daddy waiting for her. He declared that there is no way that he was going to let her face this alone. They enter, and the scene flashes to Song Hwa at her office with a giant smile on her face. As she sits there, all her besties rush in to hear the news and leave happy that she is OK.

Kmuse: I am so happy that I don’t have to watch Song Hwa suffer. I was preparing myself just in case but it would have been very difficult to watch. I also love that we get the inkling of a Darth Vader Daddy and Song Hwa romance. I liked that the writer snuck in the concept of it being real love if the person hears you are going through something medically and shows up in support. Although, I was sad that it was at the expense of Resident Jang. I’m still crossing my fingers that Daddy Long Legs is just dense and that the romance can still happen at some point.

Telzeytalks: It was so sweet when Darth Vader Daddy came to sit in the waiting room with Song Hwa. It was at that point that I forgave the writers for giving her a cancer scare. But you’re right; this is a parallel story with Resident Jang having the severe allergic reaction. Her face fell when she realized what it meant that Daddy Long Legs didn’t come to see her.

Drama Geek: I swooned a little that Darth Vader Daddy worked all night and then went to be with Song Hwa (even skipping his coffee date with Go Ara). I’m of the opinion that this situation isn’t an absolute on if Daddy Long Legs likes her or not. He is actively trying to stay single and become a priest. He did think of her by texting her, but denied himself the right to check on her. I don’t kid myself that it’s a full crush, I think it still is just the potential of interest.

Friendship or love?

To finish off the episode we discover that our five friends had some missed love situations back in the day. We had already learned that Seok Hyung had confessed to Song Hwa and was rejected. But turns out that she had a crush on our Darth Vader Daddy. The day at the talent show was not the first time they had met. When it was time for Darth Vader Daddy to interview for med school, he sat next to Song Hwa in the waiting room, giving her a scrunchy to pull up her hair. She then followed Darth Vader Daddy out of the talent contest and “discovered” them in the shed.

Flash forward to Seok Hyung confessing to Song Hwa and Darth Vader Daddy consoling his distraught friend after the confession. He breaks off plans with Song Hwa in order to take care of a drunk Seok Hyung and it is implied that he gives up his feelings for her at this moment.

Kmuse: I suspected that we would get another crush among our friend group but I wasn’t sure who it would be. I am VERY glad it is these two. They just really click as both friends and as a prospective couple, and I look forward to seeing them switch from friends to lovers.

Telzeytalks: I loved this part; he bought the scrunchie because he had to break a bill to get change, so it was lucky he even had it. And he gave it to her because she had heard him talking about neatness and had started making a ponytail. Then later, when he left the talent show, her eyes went wide, and she pursed her lips and made the decision to follow him.

Drama Geek: I am totally fine with zero romance between our friends, but it does make sense with how awesome Song Hwa is, that more than one of the boys would have a crush. It will be interesting to see how a romance would finally come about after all this time.

Final thoughts

Kmuse: I am beyond in love with this drama. I can’t even count the number of times I felt overwhelmed with happiness at watching everyone’s story unfold. This is exactly what I need right now, great storytelling, and characters to feel invested in.

Telzeytalks: This may turn out to be my favorite drama of the year. It is so well done and absorbing to watch. Sad things happen, but we don’t dwell on them, and happy things have a stronger presence. I just keep thinking about Marshmallow Doc dancing down the hall with the big grin on his face!

Drama Geek: This will definitely end up being my favorite hospital drama ever. We focus on people, never dwell on politics, and they don’t make us watch gross surgeries. Add in how amazing these doctors really are at their jobs, and you really couldn’t have a better drama right now.

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