Top 5 Kpop MVs: It’s All About the Visuals

There’s something about combining an amazing video with an amazing song that elevates the whole experience. I loveloveLOVE music, but I love a good music video even more. Come see which MVs’ visuals grabbed my attention this week!

I just added the Hoppipolla album to my New Kpop to Spin playlist on Spotify — check it out!

Monsta X – “You Can’t Hold My Heart”

Monsta X is definitely growing on me, so I was delighted when one of my favorite songs from their latest album was made into a MV. I love how the color of their outfits pops against the red background. Those exploding hearts, though — that was MESMERIZING.

GOT7 – “Not By The Moon”

At first, I thought this song sounded a bit basic — standard kpop that any rookie group could handle. BUT. Then the visuals drew me in and Jackson’s solo caught my attention. By the time I got to the chorus, I was SOLD. There’s a very Gothic vibe to this MV that the group plays well. I can’t even believe these are the same guys who were singing “Just Right” four years ago!

Hwa Sa – “Orbit”

Oh man. Military service definitely agreed with Lee Min Ho, and it’s beautifully showcased in this MV from The King: Eternal Monarch. The song is haunting and strong and perfect for Mamamoo’s Hwa Sa’s powerful voice — a great fit for what’s shaping up to be a great drama.

Zico x Kang Daniel – “Refresh”

So Pepsi and Starship Entertainment partnered up for this . . . MV? Commercial? Both? Either way, the sets are lush and richly colorful, and Zico and Kang Daniel are perfectly paired for this duet.

Hoppipolla – “Enough”

At first I wanted to say something about The Piano Guys becoming a kpop band — this video is full of gentle cinematography and sweeping landscapes — but with the addition of drums and guitar, Hoppipolla have defined their own distinct sound. Still, the echoing sound of the cello starting off the song is just GORGEOUS.

(The original MV is dark and dramatic and drama-worthy, but deals with a heavy subject and therefore comes with a warning. You can watch it here.)

What do you think, k-fans? Are these MVs the visual feast your eyes needed? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next album drops, I remain —

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