Six Korean Movies to Watch During Quarantine!

Are you needing something a bit less time consuming than a full drama to sink your teeth into? Then join me as I share six great movies that will provide you with the joy of a drama without the time commitment.

The Man From Nowhere

This action-packed movie had me crushing on Won Bin hard time. His attempts to save a young girl kidnapped by human slavers is one of the best films of this genre hands down. Think Korean John Wick and you know what to expect. A quick warning, this movie is VERY violent so if that is something you don’t handle well, this is not the movie for you. You can find The Man From Nowhere on Viki and Amazon Prime.

Swing Kids

Set in a POW camp during the Korean War, Swing Kids focusing on a tap-dancing performance. North and South come together to find that at the heart of their conflict, they share similar hopes and dreams. You can find Swing Kids on Amazon Prime

A Taxi Driver

Based on a true story, we watch events unfold during the anti-government riots of the 80s. A taxi driver is hired to take a foreign journalist into the middle of the riots. This movie had me laughing and crying and is one that everyone should watch. You truly see the suffering of the people and it helps you understand the history of South Korea. You can find this movie on Hulu.

Along With the Gods: Two Worlds

Three reapers travel the afterlife with a special spirit who has a chance of reincarnation. Join them as they travel through the afterlife, completing seven challenges to attain salvation. This movie is a great show if you want adventure and comedy interwoven with great storytelling. You can find this movie on Hulu.

Along With the Gods: 49 Days

You can’t watch the first movie and not want to continue the story. Along With the Gods: 49 Days has all our favorite characters as well as a few new faces. Once again they are trying to save souls, this time learning more about their past lives along the way. You can find this movie on Hulu.


This movie is full of great acting and unexpected twists and turns. The whole idea of forgotten memories and revenge are twisted intricately to keep you guessing to the very end. Also, you can’t go wrong with Kang Ha Neul. You can watch Forgotten on Netflix.

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  1. I watched A Taxi Driver just a few days ago and it was a really good movie. I wasn’t really into this whole Kpop drama thing but since I have nothing else to do, I tried watching movies I never thought I’d watch, At first I thought the film was a remake of Robert De Niro’s movie but it was entirely different. I definitely agree with your review. The film made me understand some of South Korea’s history.

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