First Impressions and Random Thoughts: Hunting

I started the Chinese drama, Hunting, and I have some thoughts and random observations. Come find out if this drama worked for me or my Wang Kai hiatus will continue.

Wang Kai

Uhm, can I just share how incredibly attractive Wang Kai is? And I have to admit that cop Wang Kai is one of my favorite Wang Kai character tropes. He just looks so amazing in jeans and a tight t-shirt. This drama doesn’t disappoint in the Wang Kai jeaned hotness. I just wish that more of the story focused on him. Which brings us to my next thought…


Oh my word, investment scams can be so flipping boring. Those of you who follow the blog/podcast know that I am a huge fan of serial killer story arcs. Sadly, investment banking is the focus of this drama and it is boring me to tears. We spend way to much time listening to rich investors being sketchy and not enough on Wang Kai sexy crime-solving.

Side Characters

We have a lot of side character story arcs, most involved someway with switching jobs and investment banking. Not sure if it is the subject matter or the one-dimensional characters that is putting me off. I’m just not clicking with anyone but the two police officers.

Action Scenes

One of the best things this show has going for it is the well done directing. The action sequences are exciting and well filmed. Even all the investment interaction and plotting are well done. It isn’t a matter of bad acting or filming that has put me off the show.


This show just isn’t clicking for me. Whether it is the focus of the story or just the fact that I’m really looking for more of an escapism fantasy show. Either way, I’m bowing out after four episodes. However, don’t let this stop you from trying it yourself. These are crazy times and often what works for me as an escape, isn’t the same for others. The writing and acting are solid so give it a chance and see if you enjoy it more than I do.

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