5 Reasons to watch Chinese drama Legend of Awakening

Some of The Fangirls have started bingeing Legend of Awakening and we are thrilled to share our reasons as to why you should watch with us. Action, magic, and a touch of romance…this drama has it all.

Deep Friendships

Kmuse: I love that the focus of the story is the deep friendships between the six leads (as well as a few of their mentors.) Anytime I watch them stand up for each other I get all verklempt. Romance is great but give me a really solid friendship (especially involving a group of characters.) and I’m officially hooked.

Kdrama Jen: I am not quite as far into the episodes as Kmuse. (Kmuse signed up for the free month of VIP on iQiYi to get her fix.). I am still only on the 4th episode. So, at this point I can just start to see where we might go with the friendships because they have just introduced the characters to one another. Still, I am completely smitten, so I think there will be some great chemistry among the group members.

Great Action

kmuse: Give me a mystical eye color change and a lot of fighting and I’m entertained. The action sequences are very well done and I have no complaints to watching Lu Ping battle every foe in sight.

Kdrama Jen: I love the action scenes. I think the sword fighting, in particular, is very well choreographed. I also love when they engage their soul power and we get to see what they are really capable of doing! I think the fight scenes feel fresh and unique, so I am really enjoying them.

Intricate Plot

Kmuse: The story starts pretty simple, young boy kidnapped and tortured then escapes. But as the story goes on we get layer upon layer of intrigue. I can’t wait to find out what Lu Ping’s full capabilities (and birth secret) are.

Kdrama Jen: I am already very invested in this plot. Lu Ping is presenting to the outside world as incompetent and lazy, but he is secretly super talented. There are also so many unanswered questions, so I am just completely drawn in, waiting for the plot to unfold.

Strong Female Characters

Kmuse: One of my favorite aspects about Chinese dramas is how strong they make their female characters. They are just as capable and badass as their male counterparts. Legends of Awaking has not one, but four really great female roles. I love how they are side by side of the men, fighting evil and taking names.

Kdrama Jen: I love the girls in this drama! I love that they are smart, resourceful, and fully capable of taking down even the baddest baddies. The young actresses in this are just very visually stunning and they have some great fight scenes too. This is one of my favorite parts of this drama: girl power!

Likable Hero

Kmuse: I am declaring myself as a fan of Arthur Chen (Lu Ping). He has the greatest smirk. Not to mention, that he is doing a great job switching between sarcastic screw up and competent warrior. Lu Ping’s character is doing a great job of pulling everyone together and leading our six heroes on an epic journey of discovering their inner strength.

Kdrama Jen: I was super disappointed when this actor chose not to be part of the Ever Night sequel, but now I am glad he took on this role instead. He can be playful and full of smirks and knowing glances, but then he can transform into someone fiercely protective and loyal. I am thoroughly enjoying his character!

Sixteen episodes in and we are 100% hooked. Let us know if you are loving it as well.

Til the next binge watch,

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to watch Chinese drama Legend of Awakening

  1. I was very disappointed too that Arthur Chen did not do “Ever Night 2” because he was so very right for that part and had great chemistry with his costars. (Please tell me y’all have seen “Ever Night 1” too, don’t sleep on that one, okay?) But I can see why he might avoid franchise stuff; he also was doing a young adult movie too, so just not enough Arthur to spread on the bread. I look forward to your updates.

  2. Love Arthur Chen every Drama and flims. He a real legend and a supper star. He is a true hero. I have watched Ever Night drama 7 times. Love the way Arthur Chen acted. He can be a great star. Specialy as an action hero. He has a true spirit.Every film and drama of Arthur Chen I will watch. He is much different than any other star (Hero). looking forward to watch Legend of Awaking, My people my Country, and coming up of Immortality. So far I have seen hie film like My best Summer, and secret Fruit. When it comes to he is really different from other stars. I also missed him Ever Night 2 season. He so cute and very handsome guy. I also like the costume of latest drama Immortality. he look so cute. Watch that. My one and only favourite star is Arthur Chen. God bless Arthur Chen and give lots of success in the feature. My prayers 🙏🙏🙏 always for one and only Arthur Chen.

  3. I came across Arthur Chen when i read in several write ups that he’s not doing Ever Night 2 and was replaced by Dylan Wang. I’ve seen Dylan in Meteor Garden 2018 and he seems to be ok. But I became curious on why people felt sorry for EN2 because Arthur is not doing the sequel. Some would say they’ll not watch EN2. So, i browsed on the net to check on who Arthur Chen is. I started watching Ever Night 1’s 1st episode, 2nd, 3rd . . . until I got hooked. This was followed by watching his films like Secret Fruit and My. Best Summer. I just finished Legend of Awakening and repeatedly watching it until this day. Watching him makes me feel young and I love his acting esp. his facial expressions. You can really feel his emotions. Good luck Arthur! More drama series and movies to come. You are such a good looking and a very talented actor.

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