Top 5 Kpop MVs: Girl Rock, Boy Roll, and More

This week’s offerings were a fascinating blend of pop, rock, ballads, and a trot number that made me laugh. Come check out this week’s top 5 kpop videos of the week!

As always, you can check out what I’m listening to on my New Kpop to Spin list on Spotify!

YongYong – “Lost Ember”

This isn’t quite baby metal, but I’m loving YongYong’s gritty yet delicate voice paired with the heavier rock instrumentals. This is great girl rock, and I am HERE for it.

Oh My Girl – “Nonstop”

Love the visuals, love the sound, love the whole thing. Sit back and just EXPERIENCE this mv.

Second Aunt KimDaVi – “Gimme Gimme”

Turns out I’m a sucker for trot and one-shot videos. Enjoy this fun interlude!

Purple Rain – “The King Must Die”

This is a trippy video, but Purple Rain’s sound is out of this world. They blend metal and classical sounds into a drama-heavy song that packs a punch. I love it.

Yoon Gun – “It’s Gonna Be All Right”

I’m loving Yoon Gun’s vocals — he floats the high notes, and uses his full range to evoke strong emotion. This is a great song for quieting down my brain.

What songs have caught your ears lately, k-fans? I’d love to know! Drop down in the comments and share with us.

Until the next album drops, I remain —

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