Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 7

This week was heavy on the slice of life feel, and less focused on any one person. Way more time was spent in the operating room, which wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Still, we had all the fun we’ve come to expect from this show.

Second Chances

At our little gossip sessions, Chi Yong has been asked, and everyone has theorized about, why he left the military and became a surgeon. He always brushes it off and doesn’t answer. This week Song Hwa allows him to lead a surgery and he’s nervous about it and actually doesn’t do that great. She doesn’t yell at him but does end up having to finish the procedure.

A young cop has to have brain surgery and they have to wake him up during the procedure. Chi Yong is tasked with talking to him, and when the cop tells him how desolate he feels about not being able to return to work, Chi Yong tells him that he had a condition of the spine that forced him to quit the military and at 29 he began studying to be a surgeon. If he can start a new career at that age, so can the cop.

Drama Geek: I loved that later in the show Song Hwa talks to him about his condition, she noticed he had issues during the surgery. His legs and neck went numb, which could be a concern for the type of surgeries he does. He wonders why she didn’t call him out during the surgery, and she tells him she believes in him. She’s such a good teacher. She makes sure he knows she is concerned, but also that she knows he will be smart enough to monitor himself.

Telzeytalks: That scene of the “awake surgery” had me hanging on every word, with Chi Yong under the drape with the patient, quietly talking. It was almost cozy under there, very dim and quiet, with just the two of them. When Chi Yong opened up and talked about his own experience it was so meaningful, because we knew he resisted telling anyone. I was really happy at the end of the show to see him talking to the cop’s friends who came, and to see such good support.

Kmuse: Song Hwa continues to be the most epic doctor/mentor ever. The way she connects with patients and her co-workers is truly inspirational.

I Don’t Want This Cheater’s Liver

Darth Vader Daddy has a patient who’s recovering from a liver transplant and she’s lost her will to live because her husband cheated on her, and she thinks he only gave the liver to her out of guilt. She stops taking her medicine and ends up back in the hospital.

Our liver patient is put in a room with a very familiar face. Sun Young, Sun Woo’s mom from Reply 1988 is there recovering from her own surgery. She gushes about what a good doctor Darth Vader Daddy is and even tries to set him up with her daughter. It’s crazy to think Jin Joo would be dating age now, but we are in 2020. Her husband’s back is to us, but I’d recognize that sloped shoulder anywhere. Taek’s dad turns around and even manages to get in a comment about his son. How amazing would it be for Bo Gum to show up!

The liver patient lashes out at the hospital staff saying they have no idea what she’s going through. Darth Vader Daddy holds his tongue but comes back after his shift is done, and confides in her about his own experience with being cheated on and abandoned. He tells her after a while he realized she was winning because he wasn’t moving on with his life. He manages to get the patient to care about living again, and take her medicine.

Drama Geek: One thing I love about this writer/director team’s dramas is that old characters are woven into the story seamlessly. It was such a fun cameo by our two characters. It always makes it feel like the other story is still going even though we don’t get to see what’s going on.

Telzeytalks: Is it a theme this week, of characters with similar problems? I thought that when he talked about realizing how much time he was wasting, it was when she began to listen to him. And I really loved it when Sun Woo’s mom sent Taek’s dad to share their mango.

Kmuse: I have so many happy feels seeing the parents from Reply 1988 showing up as cameos. The idea that years later they are still going strong just makes me smile.

Dear Mom

Seok Hyeong is wrestling with if he should tell his mom about the mistress’s pregnancy. All the friends say he needs to just do it, but he only agrees they’re right when Song Hwa finally chimes in. Mom resigns herself to giving Dad a divorce until pitiful Dad hides away from the press in one of those VIP rooms in his son’s hospital. Mom is not happy and wanders around looking for something. She barges into their room and dumps a bucket of water on the mistress’s head, declaring that she will always be the other woman because she is not divorcing him.

Drama Geek: I do understand the mom’s feelings and why she’d react that way, but for her own mental health and prospects of a happy life, she needs to cut ties with him and move on.

Telzeytalks: That mistress was such a piece of work, griping about the assistant not being respectful. (Hey, sister, you have to earn respect!) I was happily surprised when Mom dumped that bucket, and when she ordered the mistress to shut up, I felt very satisfied. A little revenge is a good thing.

Kmuse: The Dad and his mistress make me so angry. I do agree that mom needs to break ties and find her own happiness away from their toxic selfishness.

Dinner With Daddy Long Legs

Apparently Daddy Long Legs doesn’t know how to say no. Anyone who asks him to buy them dinner gets their wish. It’s probably his priestly inclinations that cause him to do this. After Doctor Jang finds this out, she decides that she must find out if he likes her, or maybe she just wants to spend time with him, even if it’s the same as everyone else. She gathers her courage and asks him to take her out to dinner. He agrees and says it would be nice to take everyone out. She clarifies that she wants it to be just the two of them, in street clothes. We do not see the answer this week, but they give us the impression he said no.

Drama Geek: I’m still of the opinion that Daddy Long Legs has blossoming feelings for her. I could be wrong and his reaction had more to do with him knowing she has feelings for him. I find it funny that the one actor that everyone would want to have a romance is pining to be a priest. I hope he sets that aside soon and just lets his heart soar.

Telzeytalks: Dr. Jang’s face was priceless when she overheard the two women talking about having dinner with him! You can see the wheels turning, “He goes out with people if they just ask! Why didn’t I know about this? Can I get in on it?” That’s a turning point if there ever was one.

Kmuse: I was really not expecting him to be this uninvolved romantically by this point of the drama. Are they really going to have that perfect specimen of a man join the ministry? Not that there is anything wrong with that but it would be a missed chance for a sweet romance.

Spicy Dates and Sweet Kisses

Marshmallow Doc has a sleek new car and takes everyone to dinner. Song Hwa can’t figure out how to pair her phone up to the car, and an incoming call from (I can’t remember Ik Soon’s nickname) comes through. They’ve all been joking about him dating and Ik Joon is dying to find out who it is. He does manage to answer before his sister hangs up, and Jun Wan is freaking out! She’s smart enough not to respond to her brother so they manage to keep their relationship a secret for a little while longer. Jun Wan has been visiting Ik Soon each weekend and they’ve been going to different restaurants to eat really spicy dishes. After their latest meal, Jun Wan goes in for a hug and she pushes him to the ground because other soldiers can see. He says goodbye, but then runs back up to her and plants a kiss on her lips.

Drama Geek: These two continue to be my favorite couple. She knocks him off balance in a way that he doesn’t have often because of how competent he is as a surgeon. They are just so much fun to watch.

Telzeytalks: Oh my goodness, these scenes with them all crammed into one car are crazy! They were already making guesses about his girlfriend. Then the call comes and he panics, and the others all scramble to get the phone. How long can he keep the secret?

Kmuse: These two are so flipping adorable. I’m very invested in them getting their happy ever after. Not to mention, the friend group of five becoming a friend group of six.

Final Thoughts

Drama Geek: This show continues to hit the sweet spot, though I could have handled fewer operating rooms scenes, but we are in a hospital. LOL. I can’t wait to settle in and watch episode 8.

Telzeytalks: There is more to this show than interesting characters and stories. For example, Daddy Long Legs tells the parents of a transplant patient that they shouldn’t just thank him as the surgeon. They should thank the donor every year on their child’s birthday. These thoughtful moments are some of my favorites.

Kmuse: I agree that the operating scenes are not my cup of tea. That said, if I do have to suffer through them, I”m happy that they are all filled with great interaction between the doctors, their patients, and the guardians of the patients. Really bringing the humanity into the doctor genre.

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  1. Thanks for the recap! How old is SunYoung’s daughter Jin-Joo in Reply 1988? If she was born in 1983 or 1984, she would be 37 or 36 in 2020 so old enough to date Darth Vader Daddy?

    Are the 5 Hospital Playlist doctors age 40 in Korean years or in international age? If so, it means they were born in either 1980 (Korean age) or 1981 (international age)?

    So the 5 doctors would be the exact same age as the main characters in Reply 1997 who must have been born in either 1980/1981 (korean age/international age?

    Just trying to figure out the timeline!!!

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