Drama Teasers of the Week

We have teasers and sci-fi thrillers galore, k-fans! Come watch the trailers we’ve found for you this week.

Late Night Snack Man and Woman/Sweet Munchies

Oh MAN. If you’re not hungry, this trailer will make you hungry. THAT FOOD. There might be some other stuff going on, but FOOOOOOD.

Dinner Mate

I’m really looking forward to this drama! Check out this second teaser and see if you’re in.


Train is a sci-fi thriller where Yoon Si Yoon is a detective who can travel between parallel worlds in pursuit of justice. I’m interested to see what kind of gift Yoon Si Yoon has given us while he’s serving in the military!


This teaser keeps popping up, and ALLLLL of the Fangirls are excited for the drama to start! Featuring Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun, we’ll find out how love and time and space can interfere with each other in this sci-fi thriller (’tis the season!). It starts on August 7th.

MOVIE: Baseball Girl

Ok, this looks amazing — a female high school baseball player is aiming for the majors, but has to overcome a LOT of obstacles along the way.

Our question to you, k-fans, is as always — which ones will you be watching?

Until next time!

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