Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 9

The one thing our friends are good at is taking care of each other, and those around them. They may be busy, but they really do care.

I’ll Lose it for You.

Darth Vader Daddy has a liver transplant patient, and her father isn’t a good match to donate part of his. He’s older, and because he’s a bit overweight, his liver is fatty. After Darth Vader Daddy tells him that they’ll just need to wait for an anonymous donor, the dad leaves, and the doc says that he knows people, and they’ll never see him again. They go about their days treating patients as the daughter’s condition worsens, and the dad doesn’t return. Until they are about to lose hope for the poor girl. But then the dad shows up, a lot skinnier and ready to donate. He says that he hired a trainer and nutritionist and did it the right way. He feels like he failed as a father, and wanted to do something right.

Drama Geek: At the end of the episode Darth Vader Daddy takes food to his little sister. He’d heard the story about her having a hard time with her past boyfriend and just wanted to make sure she was doing okay. I LOVE their relationship and I just love how thoughtful he is with those around him. I also like that he realized he may judge people too quickly and still has room to grow as a human.

Kmuse: I love that even though Darth Vader Daddy is literally amazing, he still has moments where he tries to improve. I teared up when the dad turned back up. The amount of love his sacrifice hit all my feels buttons.

Telzeytalks: Darth Vader Daddy can be impulsive and outspoken, but he is still very teachable. He has thoughtlessly teased Resident Yong about being his brother-in-law, but he finally realizes his mistake and changes course.

Marshmallow Doc’s a Goner

After Darth Vader Daddy sees how much the father cared about his family, he starts to wonder if he’s done enough. He pulls aside Chi Yong and asks about his sister’s aversion to dating. Chi Yong says that Ik Soon was serious with someone for a while, and really wanted to get married. She wasn’t certain about it, but after he’d bugged her for a while, she finally said yes. Then he came back and said after telling his mom they wanted to get married, she hadn’t approved. The mom called Ik Soon a short while later wanting to hang out with her and obviously didn’t know anything about the possible marriage. So her boyfriend had lied to her. It made her shy away from any kind of ideas about marriage.

When Marshmallow Doc and Ik Soon have lunch together she tells him about this great opportunity where she’d get to study aboard for a few years. He wonders what will happen to them. Will they break up if she’s gone for up to five years? She pushes it off that’s it really low chance she’ll get it, but we all know it’ll come back around.

Drama Geek: So.. I wouldn’t be opposed to Marshmallow Doc taking a sabbatical and traveling with her for her studies. Couples do that for each other all the time. I just need these two to work out and be a big family with her brother and his little boy.

Kmuse: The fact the boyfriend dumped her because a psychic gave them a negative future was mind-boggling. (DG: I knew I forgot part of the story!) Ik Soon dodged a bullet with that loser. I just hope that she can see that Marshmallow Doc is not the same as her loser of an ex.

Telzeytalks: After having been hurt so badly, Ik Soon needs someone to show her a huge amount of gentleness and understanding in order to get past it. I have a feeling that Marshmallow Doc is that person.

Grr… Daddy Long Legs

Okay, I cannot take it anymore. Resident Jang has given up on her crush and seems to be dating the one guy Min Ha set her up with. But now Daddy Long Legs seems to take notice of this. Darth Vader butters her up with BTS coffees (Dude knows how to make people talk. LOL.) The guy drops her off in a different car every time, so Darth Vader Daddy wants to know if her boyfriend’s a car salesman. She says he has one of those things right but won’t give him any other info.

Later that day she tries to explain to a distraught mother about her child’s surgery but it just doesn’t click. Daddy Long Legs follows up and explains it to the mom again with fewer medical terms and she nods like she understands. After the surgery, the mother cutely jumps up for just one glimpse of her baby. Resident Jang lets her in so she can see the baby, and the mom asks if she can explain the procedure again because she was really out of it. Resident Jang slows down this time, and even draw helpful diagrams. The mother thanks her and really seems to understand. Later she sneaks back in and gifts Jang with another BTS coffee (best product placement, in my opinion).

Drama Geek: The romance aside, I love how they’re showing how a resident grows and learns as they take care of new patients. School can only teach you so much, and Resident Jang is becoming a much better doctor by learning from the competent and compassionate doctors around her.

Kmuse: I love that Resident Jang is so out of touch with people but has the ability to learn from her experiences. So rarely do we see a side character show this much character growth and I am loving it. I would even say she is in my top favorite characters of the drama.

Telzeytalks: It is so refreshing that she is living her own life and trying to forget him! There are too many dramas where a woman trails after a man trying to get his attention, and being a nuisance to the audience.

Being a Parent Never Ends

Seok Hyeong’s mom is okay, and being taken care of by all five docs. You can tell she’s a bit overwhelmed by all their attention, but they really are the sweetest friends. Daddy Long Leg’s mom shows up and shoos them away so she can feed her friend, and have some breathing room. The CEO is down in the car waiting for one of his kids to call. They were supposed to have dinner but the grandkid had a tummy ache and he’s worried. They don’t seem to have the closest relationship but when they do finally touch base, it’s a sweet conversation with his son, and the grandchild is fine.

Kmuse: Am I the only one that would love a drama focused on the older parents? I also love how the band was performing for Rosa and CEO. They would make the cutest couple and then our band buddies could perform at the wedding…just saying.

Telzeytalks: Indeed, being a parent never ends; as busy as he is, Darth Vader Daddy still has time for his little boy. Even if he’s running out the door in the morning, he stops for a hug and their little goodbye dance ritual. They are so cute together.

Drama Geek: I would love a drama with the adults and even enjoy a romance with Rosa and the CEO.

An Audience of Two

Darth Vader Daddy asked Chi Yong if he wanted to come to their band rehearsal. He seems keen on the idea, but when they get to Seok Hyeong’s house, it’s Daddy Long Leg’s mom and the CEO there instead. The kids rock out for the couple, and they both thoroughly enjoy it. As does the audience.

Kmuse: UGH. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot a second time. This is Darth Vader’s chance at true love. I just feel that he is a bit gun shy due to his divorce. I think it is hilarious how often the people around him ask if he is dating again yet.

Telzeytalks: The CEO was so funny, pretending to be tired and bored, when secretly he was tapping his fingers and keeping time to the music with his foot!

Drama Geek: It would VERY hard to take the dive and try to date Song Hwa. They have a group rhythm that has lasted through other marriages (maybe why those didn’t work?). I had so much fun with this song, it may be my favorite so far.

Final Thoughts

Kmuse: I think that we have to give a shout out to the AMAZING music that our band plays during their rehearsals. Trot/folk songs don’t get enough credit in dramas and I love when a show sneaks some in. If only we could get a whole album of their performances for the OST.

Telzeytalks: I am so impressed that they are playing their instruments for real. Some of them played already, and some learned for this show. I have seen too many actors fake-playing musical instruments, and some are pretty bad. Since I play the piano it’s a pet peeve of mine. So happy with the music here!

Drama Geek: At least one of their songs has done really well on the charts. I was very happy to hear that. Their band practices are both replenishing for them and for me. I love to just sit back and listen to them.

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  1. I was so confused about your comments re. Resident Yong and how Darth Vader Daddy was teasing him about being a brother-in-law until I realized you are actually referring to Resident Ahn Chi-Yong. Resident Yong would be Dr Yong Seok Min. Too many characters and their names to remember, eh.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I fixed it. I was quickly going back to look for his name, and must have glanced at the guy next to him on the wiki page. LOL. There really are a ton of people which is why giving a few nicknames has helped me.

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