First Impressions and Random Thoughts: Fix You

Korean dramas, once again, dip their toe into the mental health trope with the new drama Fix You. Come find out if the story is working, or if it is a huge mess of made of illnesses.

A quirky psychiatrist

Shin Ha Kyun plays psychiatrist Lee Si Joon. A man who likes to go the unexpected route when it comes to therapy. This often includes trickery and extreme measures to make the patient break through their issues. For some reason, he is able to charm and talk his way out of any consequences. I have yet to decide if this is a positive or negative thing.

Is this legal?

This is probably the thing I have the most issues with. Lee Si Joon’s creative healing techniques are beyond sketchy. There is no way that he wouldn’t be fired for some of the stunts he pulls. This is yet, another example, of an Asian drama being lax with real mental health issues.

Uhm… is there going to be romance?

Si Joon is just taking over Han Woo Joo’s (Jung So Min) therapy. Han Woo Joo has some obvious anger issues and her original therapist suspects that she has multiple personality disorder, which is something she doesn’t share with Si Joon when he takes over her therapy. Once again, the mental health ethics of this show are disturbing.

So far, as a patient and therapist, these two have some interesting chemistry. However, that might change for me if they go in a more romantic story arc. At this point, I’m just begging that they avoid this really big ethical problem.

A solid performance

If I continue with the drama it will be 100% due to Jung So Min’s performance. She is killing it as an angry up and coming musical actress. The raw performance is blowing me away and she makes me forget all the negatives.

Would I recommend?

Uh, to be honest, I’m not sure if I would recommend this one. I might need to give it more time to either gel into a strong story or go one step too far with the mental health aspect and I dump it. So when it comes down to it I think if you love Jung So Min then give it a try because she is fabulous. Otherwise, wait a bit to see if social media says yay or nay.

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One thought on “First Impressions and Random Thoughts: Fix You

  1. I have been watching till episode 9.. i get the sickness and all but i just couldn’t handle that too mcuh anger and forwardness and self-pity( which by the way is a huge credit since she’s making me feel all this emotions she should be projecting) but as a viewer, I hated it.I hated the way she clings to the psychiatrist. Perhaps I’m a patient as well. haha But yep for me it’s a nay. But we’ll see till i finish then..

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