Oh My Baby – A First Impression

If you are like me, you read the description of this drama and you weren’t interested. I really didn’t want to see an “older” woman run around and try to get married and have a baby because society told her she needed to. But the drama choices out there aren’t holding my interest right now, so one fateful Sunday night, I pressed play. Find out why you should give this drama a chance.

Drama Geek: I’ve always liked Jang Na Ra, and she brings the same down to earth and sweetness to Jang Ha Ri. She’s successful and is good at her job, she’s just not that lucky in the dating department. Sadly, it seems everyone has given up on her ability to ever get married, and tell her to just be happy being by herself. I really wanted to scream anytime someone gave her this attitude.

Clkytta: I’m not a big Jang Na Ra fan; I find her kind of annoying. That said, I loved her in Last Empress and I’m enjoying her in this role too. This character is really resonating with me. I feel like Jang Na Ra’s sickly sweetness that has turned me off previously is more of a wistfulness that I can relate to. At some point, all of us have felt like life was passing us by.

Drama Geek: As I said before, I really wasn’t wanting to watch a desperate woman try to get married before her 40th birthday, just because. Instead, the show tackles a serious subject regarding women’s fertility, especially older women. The humor is in your face leading up to this, and then the show gets raw and real. The circumstances propel our leading lady into a very understandable spiral of thinking she needs to quickly get married, and after a horrible blind date, she settles into the determination that she doesn’t need a husband, she just needs a baby daddy.

Clkytta: I was totally out on the whole my clock is ticking and I need a man plot. Luckily, that’s not what this drama is about. She’s found fulfillment at her job, and now she wants a happy homelife. She’s ready for a family of her own and it’s jarring to discover that time is against her. Romantic love would be great, but what she really wants is to be a mother and to have a child to love.

Possible Baby Daddy #1

Drama Geek: Ha Ri’s mom invites one of her old friends to live in their house. Jae Young is newly divorced and a single dad, and he apparently dropped Ha Ri as a friend once he was married. He’s struggling to just take care of his little girl. He really seems like he needs a lot of help, and it’s probably good he’s moved in with them, but I don’t see this relationship turning romantic. We’ll see…

Clkytta: Jae Young is just a mess, but he’s a good man. I’m having a hard time seeing him as a romantic interest, but then again they keep saying how they have a sibling like relationship. Can we say big fat sign for a possible friends to lovers relationship? He comes with an adorable ready made family too!

Possible Baby Daddy #2

Drama Geek: One of the youngins at the magazine she works at likes to call her aunt, the same way you’d call out for another bottle of soju at your local restaurant. He seems well-meaning enough, but it’s also a bit disrespectful to do that to your boss. We don’t get a lot from him these first two episodes, but he’s played by the sweet guy in Extra-ordinary and he’s totally cute.

Clkytta: He’s cute, he’s young (very much in his favor), but he’s not giving off any romantic vibes in my opinion. We may have a bit of a one-sided crush, but his character would feel like a second child. Who knows though, love doesn’t always follow the rules.

Possible Baby Daddy #3

Drama Geek: The photographer that works with Ha Ri is trying to track down his old friend, the HOT photographer Han Yi Sang, so he can convince him to share studio space. Yi Sang seems to have an aversion to working anywhere near Ha Ri. She’d hit on him in a pretty spectacularly embarrassing way a while back, and he thinks she’s crazy. She returns the sentiment and doesn’t want anything to do with him. But we all know they will be pushed together.

Clkytta: Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! He’s got that whole push and pull thing going on. They didn’t have the best beginning, but you can tell he’s amused by her. I think that they will be tossed together enough that sparks will fly. Full disclosure: I love this actor, he played the hot gangster in Fiery Priest and I have a major crush. I’m Team Han Yi Sang all the way.

Friendship and Bromance

Drama Geek: Two of the three candidates show they are genuinely nice guys throughout the episodes. The role reversal fight scene between these two men is worth watching these episodes, even if you don’t stick around. Hair pulling and chest-bumping do ENSUE. But the great thing is that the three adults end up drinking together and lamenting about the loves they’ve all lost. I can see them becoming a great family/friend unit by the time this is over.

Clkytta: Y’all want to know what kept me watching? Drama Geek was like, oh you haven’t watched episode 2 yet? There is an epic fight scene… She totally piqued my interest even more. I got to the fight scene and laughed and laughed and choked on my drink and laughed some more.

Drama Geek: In conclusion, this show made me laugh pretty hard, but also had a grounded underbelly I wasn’t expecting. If they can continue to balance the more serious subject matter the female lead is facing, with a little humor and some strong male potential partners, then I’ll be overjoyed.

Clkytta: They are really able to balance the comedy and the drama, and I like that. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

WARNING: The second-hand embarrassment is REALLY strong in the first two episodes. I wanted to crawl under my blankets toward the end of episode one.

What’s the verdict? Will you give it a shot? Or have you already watched and you’re impatiently waiting for the next episode?

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