Kdrama Teasers of the Week

A new wave of dramas is on the horizon! What will you be watching?

Backstreet Rookie #2

Oh, this one is looking SO GOOD. I’m already in, but the second trailer confirms my decision.

Psycho, But It’s Okay

Kim Soo Hyun is BAAAAAAACK! There’s not a lot to go on in this trailer, but here’s a plot snippet from MyDramaList: “A man who denies love and a woman who doesn’t know love defy fate and fall in love, finding their souls and identities in the process.” There’s more than that, but you see where it’s going. With Seo Ye Ji as the female lead, this drama has a LOT of potential.

My Unfamiliar Family

Every teaser I see for this drama adds another layer of depth and makes me SUPER curious. With such a great lineup, how can anyone resist watching?

What’s on your drama plate, k-fans? Let us know!

The Fangirls

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi


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