Top 5 Kpop MVs: Is It Strong Or Is It Deep?

This was one of those weeks where fluff just didn’t stand a chance. Strong songs, deep songs, and the king of both — “Daechwita” — dominated my playlist. Come see if these are the songs that are speaking to you, too!

Come follow my New Kpop to Spin playlist on Spotify! It has my favorites from the latest Agust D album, as well as the other albums I’m test driving.

Agust D – “Daechwita”

I canNOT get enough of this video. The visuals, the lyrics, the SUGA — it’s all so powerful! I won’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it, but it’s been a LOT. (Watch for the Jin/Jungkook cameo — it’s an absolute delight.) Really, Min Yoongi is the king. No contest.

TOO – “Magnolia”

I live in the South, y’all. How could I NOT include a song called “Magnolia”? Also, TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra) is a debut group, and this is a strong entry. Check them out and see if you like what you hear!

Secret Number – “Who Dis?”

Another strong debut from a rookie group! I wasn’t sure at first, but the great harmonies tugged at my ears and I was hooked. Secret Number doesn’t seem to be your standard Kpop girl group. It’ll be interesting to see what their future holds.

SKZ-PLAYER: Changbin (feat. Bang Chan) – “Streetlight”

I loveloveLOVE individual projects, and I think Changbin’s “Streetlight” just knocks it out of the park. The melody is deep and rich and haunting, and the lyrics make me want to cry. The song acknowledges the struggle of life, and keeps it real by saying, essentially, “I’ll offer what I can, and you’ll try to smile because of it”. It’s not hopeful, but it does feel like solidarity in a world that seems to be trying to crush us all.

ATEEZ: BY. HONGJOONG – “Black or White” (Original Michael Jackson)

ATEEZ announced a while ago that they were going to be producing individual content during the quarantine. Leader HongJoong loves making covers and he loves Michael Jackson, so this MV is playing to ALL his strengths! He puts his own spin on “Black or White”, making it relatable to the current generation as well as an homage to MJ. (If you want to stick around for the entire video, HongJoong explains his motivations and the work he put in behind the scenes to make this MV happen. Just turn on your closed captioning to get the English translation.)

BONUS TRACK: Day6 – “Zombie” English ver.

Continuing in the same vein as Changbin’s “Streetlight”, “Zombie” is an acknowledgement of the struggle. One might even call it the anthem of the functioning depressive. No matter where your mental health is at, this song just hits different, and I love it.

What songs have been getting you through lately, k-fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next album drops, I remain —

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