Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Ep 10

Romance is in the air this week as many of our ships attempt to set sail. Sure, the voyages might be postponed because of emotional hiccups and emergency surgeries, but at least they are trying. Right?

Thank you for not giving up

Once again, we are inspired by the unrelenting work of doctors who truly care about their patients. Marshmallow Doc’s resident is forced to beg a patient to allow the staff to give him an enema that will save his life. The begging worked, and the resident receives a thank you box of strawberries and a note showing gratitude for the resident’s persistence.

Kmuse: It is so refreshing to see hospital workers shown in such a positive light. There really are so many people that are in this profession to help others. A drama doesn’t always have to be a festering pit of politicking to get good ratings.

Telzeytalks: I feel like Golf Doc, that major jerk, exists just for contrast purposes. Oldest Resident has to deal with him, and doesn’t know what to do when Golf Doc doesn’t greatly care what happens to his patient. Marshmallow Doc, on the other hand, fiercely insists, “A doctor who gives up on his patients is not a real doctor!” That gives Oldest Resident the push to solve the problem.

Drama Geek: I agree with both of you. I love seeing caring doctors who don’t give up on their patients. It’s what you hope for if you’re ever in the hospital for surgery. I also think the Golf Doc is there just to show that crappy doctors do exist in this world.

Mommy Long Legs?

With Daddy Long Leg’s looking towards his upcoming priesthood, he realizes that he will no longer be able to oversee the Daddy Long Legs hospital funds. He turns to Song Hwa as the perfect person to take his place. He reveals his secret identity and explains that he will be leaving at the end of the year and would like her to continue on the good fight against greed and high hospital bills.

Kmuse: Song Hwa is the perfect person to carry on as a secret benefactor. She is smart, kind, and someone who wouldn’t be taken advantage of with a fake sob story. Very good choice.

Telzeytalks: We find out pretty quick that Darth Vader Daddy would not be the best one to handle the charity funds. He sees Daddy Long Legs’ phone when the social worker calls him, puts two and two together, and loses no time in lobbying for new equipment for his department!

Drama Geek: I actually think any of his friends would do well in his place, they all have their heart in the right place. I’m glad he picked Song Hwa, if only because we get the term Mommy Long Legs. Hahaha. I honestly can’t believe he was able to hide it from all of them this long.

Is that jealousy I see?

There is cahooting going on between Darth Vader Daddy and Resident Jang. Imagine our shock when it turns out that the hottie with the multiple cars turns out to be Resident Jang’s brother. Not only is she NOT dating anyone but her Daddy Long Legs crush is as strong as ever. Darth Vader Daddy decides that this is their chance to make Daddy Long Legs jealous. He orders flowers for our cute resident and tells her to fake a relationship in front of all the doctors. He then shouts the news that Resident Jang is dating and to everyone, including his bestie.

Kmuse: I didn’t see this plot twist coming. They totally fooled me into believing that she really did have another perspective boyfriend. She continues to be one of my favorite characters regardless if she hooks up with Daddy Long Legs or not.

Telzeytalks: Resident Jang looks like she’s running out of steam, but when Darth Vader Daddy sees her getting dropped off and asks if her boyfriend is a car salesman, she answers, ‘You’re half right.” She doesn’t explain, and I love that she has a little bit of attitude, because he goes off wondering, and so did I.

Drama Geek: Thank you, Darth Vader Dadddy!!! Someone needs to get his friend’s head on straight. This boy was born to be a dad in real life. His paternal clock is ticking so hard, I’m almost afraid he’s going to abscond with one of his little patients. Not that this should be a driving factor in deciding to admit his feelings for Jang, but it should be something he thinks about when he’s submitting to be a priest. I really wish we’d get a bit more from him so we could understand why he’s so insistent he wants to follow in his siblings’ footsteps

Do you like Resident Jang?

And it looks like Darth Vader Daddy’s plan worked? He finds Daddy Long Legs looking conflicted and asks straight out if he likes Resident Jang. Daddy Long Legs doesn’t reply, which of course, lets us know that he really does like her. Darth Vader Daddy says that when you have a problem deciding what to do and your head says one thing but your heart says another… always go with the heart.

Kmuse: Thank goodness this story arc is finally going somewhere. That said, I still wish that we got a bit more emoting out of Daddy Long Legs. Even his angst is kind of boring.

Telzeytalks: I’m a little surprised in Yoo Yeon Seok’s storyline. He’s the one I was most expecting a romance for, and here he’s dragging his feet and not being swoony at all. He’d better come up with something splashy for the finale!

Drama Geek: Yup, he is a bit boring to me. I’m not sure if it’s his acting or if it’s the character he’s been given. We shall see.

Uhm I like you…

We are in the middle of a relationship smorgasbord this week. Dr. Min Ah also decides to come clean and share that she has romantic feelings for Seok Hyung. She reveals the bombshell as he drives her to the subway station, and as she leaves his car, she implores him to not pretend that she didn’t confess. Also, that she would not be obvious about her feelings at work. Ha! They are so adorable!

Kmuse: How am I supposed to choose my favorite ship when they keep giving us such wonderful couple moments? Their sweet awkward wooing is so adorable I can’t get enough.

Telzeytalks: It looks like Min Ha has decided how to handle him. Way back earlier, she bought two drinks so she could sit and talk to him, but threw both of them away when she saw him with someone else. Who turned out to be his father’s mistress. Now she’s made up her mind, and is being firm.

Drama Geek: She is ADORABLE. Seriously, the women all have game in this show. LOL. He was totally caught off guard and had no idea how he was supposed to respond. My favorite part was her telling him he wasn’t allowed to pretend this didn’t happen when they got back to work.

Domestic bliss

Throughout the episode, we learn that Darth Vader Daddy is a very busy doctor. Not only is he busy butting into everyone’s business (in an adorable meddlesome way), but he also carries a very heavy caseload of surgeries. At the end of the episode, he is forced to leave his sick son, to take care of an emergency, and Song Hwa comes to babysit. We see Darth Vader’s feelings towards her peak out as he sees her sleeping next to his son. He confirms those feelings when he admits that being with her is what makes him happy in his off-hours.

Kmuse: Just when I think we can’t get any more relationship moments into this episode, they hit us with Darth Vader Daddy feels. Out of all the relationships happening, this is the one that has the most realistic feel. These two have such an amazing friendship and could easily transition into a perfect family unit. Please, writers, make this happen.

Telzeytalks: Song Hwa is very calm, takes everything in her stride, and we neither see her get excited or upset. The result is we don’t really know what she feels. The only thing we’ve seen is that initiation day in the beginning of med school when her eyes went wide, she pursed her lips, and followed Darth Vader Daddy out of the room. We need to see her side!

Drama Geek: Okay, I watched The King Eternal Monarch and this episode all in one day. TKEM has HUGE sweeping romantic gestures. Yeah know, horses rushing in with sexy men brandishing swords kind of scenes. And yet, the few moments these two characters spent together had me SWOONING way harder. I do appreciate both types of storytelling, but maybe with everything that is going on right now, I really appreciate a woman who will come over and take care of her friend’s sick child. And a man who will stay up just a little longer so they can eat breakfast together.

Final Thoughts

Kmuse: I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the season. I’m very thankful that there are future seasons planned because I will have a huge hole in my drama loving heart when this concludes.

Telzeytalks: I have loved this show and all these characters too! I just hope that we will get something like the end of a chapter this season, and not a big old cliff-hanger. How much will Darth Vader Daddy’s little boy have grown by the time we see him again?

Drama Geek: I love these characters and I’m so happy they get another season. It is the reason I’ve been patient with some of the story arcs. I do hope we get a satisfying bookend for season one.

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