Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 11

We are getting close to the end, and emotions are bubbling up from all over. Daddy Long Legs Doc is tying up all his ends before leaving the hospital, but is it what he really wants? Will Darth Vader Daddy confess his feelings to Song Hwa in a drinking game? Will she acknowledge him, or keep pretending that man doesn’t affect her. How could he NOT???

How Can Daddy Long Legs Doc Leave?

Daddy Long Legs Doc tells the hospital he’s leaving at the end of the year, and the dismay the director shows is founded. There aren’t that many pediatric surgeons in Korea, and he’s the only one at their hospital. His departure means they’d have to shut the entire program down. But Daddy Long Legs Doc insists that he must do this and he’s still leaving. Later he assists Resident Jang during her first time as a lead surgeon, and she does an amazing job. His mom spots them chatting after the procedure is done and sees how happy they both are. She pulls Jang aside later and pleads for her to talk her son out of his decision to leave the hospital to become a priest.

Kmuse: Ugh. I am totally on Daddy Long Legs mother’s side. How can he leave when he does so much good as a doctor? Not to mention his burgeoning feelings for Resident Jang are practically bursting. The smile Daddy Long Legs has on his face after hanging out with her is literally beaming.

Drama Geek: For me, it’s not just his feelings for her. It’s more that he lives and breaths being a doctor. He loves his patients and his joy at seeing them get better is present every day of his life. If he was good at his job, but hated it, then I could see his reason for leaving. I hope someone can get through to him, and make him see that if he needs to serve God, he’s most useful where he’s at right now.

Telzeytalks: When Rosa saw her son talking so happily with Dr. Jang, her energy lit up the screen. This is her chance! A woman he already likes! I couldn’t help but laugh and feel like she will carry the day. But she gave Dr. Jang a difficult assignment – to do the persuading. I could feel Dr. Jang’s heart sink right there. How could she bring it up again?

Long Distance Relationships CAN work!

Marshmallow Doc and Ik Soon lie to her brother so they can spend the weekend together at his house and have some couple time while he’s not there. The shenanigans that happen between the two men listening in on each other’s phone calls, and then at the apartment were hilarious. The couple has several long talks about what will happen when she leaves, and Marshmallow Doc confirms with her over and over, that all he cares about his being able to love her, and they can weather this storm.

Kmuse: These two are in such a positive place in their lives and relationship that I can totally see them surviving a long-distance relationship.

Drama Geek: I love that they show long-distance relationship have their problems, but they aren’t the death sentence most dramas make them out to be. These two will find a way to make time for each other, even with their very busy lives. I also just love watching them together. They make me so happy.

Telzeytalks: They are so in tune with each other. When she called her brother to say she was coming, she asked for crabs and he refused. I thought for sure he would smell a rat when Marshmallow Doc showed up with a box of them. But they came up with an excuse pretty fast, and roped Woo Joo in as well!

Poor Seok Hyeong!

Seok Hyeong’s father is admitted for heart problems, and despite Marshmallow Doc’s top-notch skills, he passes away. This leaves his son unsure of how he’s supposed to feel. He’s hated his dad for so long, that it’s confusing to now mourn his loss. He does have enough sense to let the mistress (who is pregnant with his father’s child) to say her goodbyes too.

Kmuse: I feel so bad for all the baggage Seok Hyeong has to carry because of his parents’ toxic relationship. It is also sad that it isn’t going away as he has to deal with his soon to be half-sibling as well as his father’s will that might take everything from his mother. I just want him to be happy and worry-free for once.

Drama Geek: This entire story line is so sad. He’s tried to shelter his mother and protect her from so much, but he’s also suffered at his father’s hand. I do hope they are able to close out this chapter in their lives.

Telzeytalks: Seok Hyeong is such a sweetie. He feels sympathy for the mistress’ baby and says nothing is the baby’s fault. He understands when Song Hwa decides to move away and tells her to just go and rest. I hope he gets to be happy.

Hero Worship or True Feelings?

We get a peek into how Ahn Chi Yong’s feelings started for Sung Hwa. His first day at the hospital he witnessed how she just knew which floor each patient needed and pushed the button for them. He’d thought she was a newbie doctor like him, but then found out she was his professor. He joins her in the elevator and starts to speak of that day, but Darth Vader Daddy jumps on and the mood is killed by their friendly chatter. He does get Song Hwa to join him for dinner, and when they say goodbye reveals it’s his birthday. She says she’ll give him any present he wants, and he asks to speak informally with her just once. He says goodbye, casually, which is fine. But then he puts his hand on her shoulder and makes her uncomfortable.

Kmuse: It definitely feels more like hero worship. It just always has that slightly awkward feel that makes me not want to ship them as a couple. Of course, it doesn’t help that he is competing against the awesomeness that is Darth Vader Daddy.

Drama Geek: I hope next season will bring a new love interest for him. He’s a sweet and loyal guy. He’s also on his way to being a fantastic doctor that will follow in his mentor’s footsteps. I bet this type of love happens a lot. You look up to someone and learn from them, and BOOM you see hearts.

Telzeytalks: We feel both sorry for Chi Hong and admire him for being injured and finding a new career. But he makes Song Hwa feel uncomfortable sometimes, and that bothers me. She has decided to move to another town two hours away, and I wonder if she’s trying to get away from a love triangle.

Spin the Bottle

Song Hwa’s team goes out for a group dinner, and Darth Vader Daddy tags along. After they drink for a while they start to play spin the bottle. Darth Vader Daddy schools them in how to ask questions that will get you juicy answers. Then the tables are turned when the bottle lands on him. Sun Bin has already been in the hot seat many times with her relationship with Doc Yong, so she pipes up. She wants to know if Darth Vader Daddy has really NEVER had romantic feelings for Song Hwa. He pauses for a long time then downs a huge glass of soju and says, “no Comment.” The bottle lands on him a second time, and Chi Yong drinks it for him, but pushes the question back on Darth Vader Daddy and says he has to answer this time. Finally, Darth Vader admits that he has had feelings for her.

Kmuse: I am dying over here. Not only do we get an answer about Darth Vader Daddy’s old feelings for Song Hwa, but we get that intense karaoke moment as well. Darth Vader Daddy’s drunken homage to his love for Song Hwa was so full of feels. UGH, and now she is planning to move? Why is the writer doing this to us?

Drama Geek: I loved how he drunkenly sang, and then they showed the band rehearsal where he’d sneak looks at her while singing too. This guy has it bad, and I hate that I can’t read her. I do think her moving was mostly for her injury. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would put feeling awkward over taking care of patients.

Telzeytalks: While he’s singing, we get a flashback to see him buying the ring that we saw him throw away a few episodes ago when he found out that Seok Hyeong also liked her. He’s in a similar situation now, and has obviously decided that he can’t just sit back and wait this time.

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: This episode, and the show in general, has been a little love letter to medical professionals. Right now, it is pretty poignant. The surgical team at this hospital cares for their patients and worries for them, almost as if they’re family. I just wanted to make sure to mention how touching it all has been.

Kmuse: I don’t know how I am supposed to survive not having this on my tv every week. I love this little hospital family and I will greatly miss them after finishing the final episode.

Telzeytalks: I love all these characters, and it’s sad to have to wait for another season. It’s funny that the main plot has become the romances. I hope we get answers to all our questions, such as, “What happened to Marshmallow Doc in Hawaii?”

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