Top 5 Kpop MVs: Pop and Ballad BATTLE

The new releases this week are a battle between sweet ballads and solid, in-your-face pop. What side will you take? Read on and decide!

My New Kpop to Spin playlist is OVERFLOWING. Come check it out!

ONEUS – “Come Back Home” (Road to Kingdom)

You HAVE to check out this Oneus performance! The song is brilliant, and the stage is AMAZING. They went all out on the special effects, and the camera work is top-notch.

IU – “Into the I-LAND”

I-LAND is a reality show collaboration between CJ ENM and BigHit, where viewers get to watch the next generation of Kpop artists being born, according to Soompi. Namgoong Min is the storyteller, Rain and Zico will be the mentors, and Bang PD will be highly involved. The theme song is AMAZING already!

Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

Stray Kids dropped a full-length album and I LOVE IT. “Haven”, “Top”, and “TA” are my favorite songs so far, but I’m also loving the cooking concept they’re running with. Who knew kitchens and race cars would mix so well?

Kim Young Won – “Blue Moon”

LOVING this English-language ballad by busker Kim Young Won!

Lee Suhyun and Bang Ye Dam – “Wayo”

I’m loving this sweet duet between AKMU’s Suhyun and Ye Dam. Her voice is ALWAYS a delight, and his voice works so well with hers!

BONUS TRACK: HongJoong – “Mocheoreom”

ATEEZ’s HongJoong has tapped into his sentimental side with this reflective ballad. I love the layered instrumentals and the combination of sweet voice and rap!

BONUS TRACK #2: Ha Hyunsang – “Nostalgia” (feat. Rohann)

Hoppipolla’s Hyunsang has released this insightful pop balled that just SPEAKS to my ears. Check it out and see what you think!

There’s no battle in my heart, k-fans. I love it all! Which ones were your favorites?

Until the next album drops, I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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