Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Activities FTW!

Our kpop boys know how to do summer right, even when it feels different from other years (thank you COVID….grrr). Read on and see which summer activities would be your favorite!

Check out the Maknae’s Summer Bops for my favorite summer kpop!

Gidongdae – “Party Like This”

I have to admit, this is probably the MOST mellow party song I’ve ever listened to! But the bright colors and beach views are perfect for a summer song. Makes me want to go have a bonfire and just relax.

Maddox – “Sleep”

Ah, one of my other favorite summer activities — SLEEPING. Maddox’s ethereal vocals and and the rich tones of the MV make it even more appealing.

Golden Child – “One (Lucid Dream)”

What’s the point of sleeping if you don’t have lucid dreams that take you to a different world? Golden Child gets it! The heavy EDM bass line adds an unexpected vibe to this song, keeping it fresh, and the fantasy visuals are top notch.

BTS – “Stay Gold”

I love the duality of this video — the broken down world where the boys start, and the golden summer day they end up in. (What is UP with the flooded set aesthetic lately? Anyway.) I love the steady promise of hope in this song, even though Jin’s very short hair is a stark reminder that his military service is coming up soon. The very end of the video, where they end up in an ideal world, though — I LOVE THAT. And I love that they had to climb to get there — it echoes the MV for “On”.

Seventeen – “Left and Right”

I am LOVING Seventeen’s latest album, and “Left and Right” is the bop I didn’t know I needed. The strong urban summer vibe really resonates, and the uptempo song is well-grounded fun. The MV is a LOT of fun too — stick around for the changing of the signs and the rocket car, and my favorite, the boys adding “but not sometimes” to the “Do Your Best” graffiti.

What are your favorite summer activity MVs, k-fans? Let us know in the comments below!

Until the next car rocket launches, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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