First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Train

Is your TV drama schedule missing a time travel/multiverse show and you are looking for something to fill that need? Then Train might be just the show for you. Come find out if The Fangirls are enjoying the latest Yoon Shi Yoon drama and if they would recommend that you give it a try.

Yoon Shi Yoon!

Kmuse: If you ever need a reason to start a drama, then Yoon Shi Yoon would be it. Sure, some of his dramas are misses, but when he clicks, he shines brighter than a star. I would put this performance in the upper middle. There is the tiniest bit of overacting, but the brilliant intensity of the plot and his character arc overshadow the smallest blips of consistency.

Clkytta: Yoon Shi Yoon is looking mighty fine. I always wondered how his sweet flower boy look would transform, and let me just say that this more mature look is working well for me. His acting is on point as usual too. This is a very dramatic role and he’s playing it pretty dramatic, but I don’t think he’s overacting.

MiataMama: I absolutely adore Yoon Shi Yoon! While I’ve only watched a few of his prior works, I’ve always delighted in how well he plays his characters. It will be especially exciting to see how he entertains us with dual roles in this new drama.

Kyung Soo Jin

Kmuse: I will admit that I wasn’t overly impressed in episode one with this actress’s serious intensity. She is an actress who’s limits show right off… or her acting style didn’t one hundred percent click with the director; I haven’t watched her in enough roles to know which it is. Thankfully, the story is so good that I didn’t even get annoyed with the performance by ep 2. The character plot arc is so good that a so so actress doesn’t ruin it.

Clkytta: I’m struggling with being underwhelmed by the female lead’s role. She’s trying her hardest, but the camera just loves Yoon Shi Yoon more. He is the focus of every shot. It doesn’t help that her styling and her makeup makes her fade into the background. It’s not that she can’t act, it’s more that the camera keeps panning away from her. The director needs to remember that he has two leads.

MiataMama: So after mulling over my fellow fangirls’ concerns, I can agree that this actress/character doesn’t leave a very strong impression on the viewer. But is she supposed to? Based on the synopsis of the drama, it sounds like this is Yoon Shi Yoon’s story. And since I was fully focused on him, I honestly hadn’t noticed that our female lead was ‘lacking’.

The suspense is extra suspenseful

Kmuse: HOLY HECK! The suspense is so good. It is also hard to express how good it is without giving any spoilers. I will simply say that I legit jumped multiple times and I was screaming at my computer at the end of episode 2. It was crazy intense….in the very best way.

Clkytta: I watched episode 1 with MiataMama, and we kept having to stop the show and breathe! The suspense is very overwhelming at times. They are setting up the story and your brain keeps pinging around trying to process what is happening.

MiataMama: The overall pace of the first two episodes didn’t feel rushed, but goodness we covered a LOT of ground in a short amount of time – it was hard to keep up! I definitely yelled at my screen on several occasions during the first hour. And I was really glad I watched the second hour while the sun was still up!

A good multi verse script????

Kmuse: We are heading into a multiverse story arc which means double the Yoon Shi Yoon, and double the chance for things to go sideways. However, the writer has so far exceeded my expectations and the slow burn plot is really working for me. I have been surprised multiple times about how clever the plot twists have been and I can’t wait to watch more.

Clkytta: They haven’t done much with the alternate universe yet, so I can’t pass judgment. I think it’s interesting that the train is what connects the two and I like the idea that on one side the station is closed and abandoned. I can’t wait to find out what the connection is between the two worlds and how the train can crossover.

MiataMama: I was sold on this show with just the initial promise of alternate realities. But then again I’ve always a sucker for stories that play with time and space! I’m excited to see how it all rolls out – as long as this drama’s sci-fi logic makes sense, I’m on board!!

Do we recommend?

Kmuse: 100% yes! Above all else, I need a well-written script and this one is blowing me out of the water. It is so good that it has successfully made me not notice some of the little quirks that would usually have me growling.

Clkytta: Maybe, I need to watch more before I decide. I’m very worried that this drama is just a Yoon Shi Yoon highlight reel and as much as I love him, I need the other characters to be developed too. The premise of the show is very interesting and if they develop the other characters I will be 100% on board to watch.

MiataMama: I’ve been waiting for a new drama to grab my attention and Train did not disappoint! I’m all in and currently counting down the days until the next episode airs!

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