It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Recap: Episode 9

Kang Tae is smiling. Is anyone else a little worried? He’s just asked to run away with Moon Young and I’m both excited and nervous. What will happen when he relaxes his guard?

Second Guessing Himself

Kang Tae is in the car, and he’s almost in a trance. What has he done? She’s asking about his passport; he hasn’t got a passport. Okay, then let’s go to Jeju… Kang Tae says if he’s going to be gone all night, they need to get Sang Tae. Total Buzzkill for Moon Young. How is she supposed to take advantage of Kang Tae’s newfound freedom from his inhibitions if he brings responsibility (Sang Tae) along? She’s got to convince him to go alone. She really is a petulant child, and the amazing thing is he is totally attracted to her!

Psycho Virus

Jae Su is convinced that Moon Young has infected Kang Tae with a “psycho virus.” Kang Tae says he wants to have fun, wait, is he really considering going with Moon Young. Everyone is talking about what happened, including Sang Tae, the Director, and Ju Ri’s mom. Ohhh, The Director had (has?) a crush on Ju Ri’s mom! So cute, they are flirting!

I Dreamt of That Day

Kang Tae says he dreamt of a day to just do what he wants. Moon Young says he’s more of a tamer than a caregiver; she feels like he’s taming her. He says that she’s taming him because he keeps acting out of character. She tells him he’s not out of his mind, he’s stunning—KISSSSSS…denied due to a crying deer who kills the mood. So much chemistry, these two are just sparking all over the place!

Jin Joo is Team Agent

Jin Joo (I know that’s the actress’s name, but I think is Seung Jae) is Ju Ri’s new bestie. They sit outside and talk romance, but doesn’t anyone else feel like Jin Joo is on the take? She tells Ju Ri that she needs an older man, a businessman, someone who can take care of her. We don’t know anyone like that, do we? LOL! This answers the unasked question of whether or not Jin Joo is in love with Cute But Bad With Decisions Agent. He sits eavesdropping, and can we just stop for a minute to say how HOT he looks. Like he’s really handsome in a very traditional masculine way (absolutely not a flower boy), and I’m in love.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s a song! It’s a cute song, too. Moon Young’s dad is feeling pretty chatty, and he just said that Moon Young is like her mama, and she has a demon inside her. He also says that she killed someone, so I wonder if he thinks she killed her mom? I don’t know, and the jury is still out on whether or not Mom’s alive. We have two contenders at the hospital, the Head Nurse, and the Mean Patient. I firmly believe it could be either one. Head Nurse is too controlled, and Mean Patient is an obvious choice. I feel like they are leading up to Mean Patient being her mom though.

Haute Couture

We really need to pause for a minute to praise the person in charge of costumes in this drama. Moon Young just walked out in a hat that needs its own zip cod,e and she looks AH MAY ZING. The mix of classic and modern styles on her has been a total hit. Add in her tiny waist and perfect proportion,s and it’s like they are dressing a living Barbie doll. A couple of episodes ago, they had her in Kang Tae’s clothes and, she made an oversized tee and, sweats look like haute couture. Two thumbs way up! I also love that she goes through his bag, and he’s just packed snacks and a first aid kit. I especially like how the Director tells him that she’s dressing to protect herself; her outlandish outfits are like armor.

King Donkey Ears

Sang Tae and Moon Young are chatting while they work. She mentions having fun with Kang Tae and Sang Tae reminds her that he gave her Many Tae to play with. He says Kang Tae only loves him and he says his brother has beautiful eyes. Moon Young asks if he’s ever hated his brother. She reminds him of the fairy tale about King Donkey Ears and says he needs to tell his secret to someone. His phone rings and he walks away.

Road Trip!

We are on a road trip with Moon Young and Kang Tae! He’s taking her to do all the things he can’t do with Sang Tae. They are at a bridge that makes me want to pee my pants, and Moon Young is freaking out. She sings a song to make it less scary, and he tells her to stop. They safely make it across, and she has him take a picture; then they take pictures together. They are adorable. It just so happens that they are in the same area as the really nervous (Nervous) girl from the hospital. Her family took her away even though she didn’t want to go, and her boyfriend (Alcoholic) managed to sneak out to see her. They are out of money and need someone to pay for their room. Kang Tae said no, but Moon Young paid for them and for a room for her and Kang Tae!

Agent is Loyal

Agent is really growing on me. He likes Ju Ri a lot. He is so happy to be around her, even though she’s the biggest blah ever right now. I’m hoping she gets over her infatuation with Kang Tae soon and sees the treasure she has in front of her. She does say that she sees why Moon Young stays with him, and he corrects her. He stays with Moon Young. Moon Young is lonely and needs someone, and he feels like he needs to take care of her. Y’all know I love a family that’s created from a ragtag group of friends, so Agent just plucked all my heartstrings because he is Moon Young’s family. Now we understand why he let his business collapse and he went to help her. He could have let her go down in flames by herself, but he took responsibility and paid all their debts and went to be with her.

Calling Home

Kang Tae calls his brother to tell him he won’t be home that night. Sang Tae is busy drawing and seems uninterested. Moon Young tells him she feels like the mistress, but she wants to be the wife. She said he’s acting like he’s cheating on his wife. They talk about having a friend who understands them and it turns out that Ju Ri and Moon Young were once best friends. Ju Ri wanted more friends and Moon Young didn’t. So Moon Young ruined the other friendships for Ju Ri. Instead of Ju Ri becoming her friend again, she pushed Moon Young away. This makes total sense, Moon Young feels a sense of ownership of the ones she loves and she doesn’t like to share. This stems from her mother’s obsession with her and her lack of socialization.

Things Get Complicated

Moon Young brings out a drink and Kang Tae downs it like it’s the juice they think it is. Next door, our lovebirds are also drinking it, and Alcoholic spits it out and tells Nervous that it’s booze! They have a happy moment because he made a good choice and spit out the alcohol. Kang Tae is also having a happy moment because he is buzzed from chugging the drink. While our little lovebirds have a quiet moment watching the moon, our OTP are wrestling on the floor. Kang Tae pulls her in for an embrace that’s more protective than romantic and tells her to go to sleep. She tells him to pet her hair and they both relax. Kang Tae sits watching her and he admits he can’t stay away from her.


Moon Young turned off Kang Tae’s phone, and he doesn’t know it. The next morning, Sang Tae tries to call and gets no answer. He’s woken up from a nightmare, but his brother is out picking flowers. This time Moon Young accepts his gift of flowers, and we get a sweet kiss. Oh girl, he’s not holding back anymore! They get back and find that the other couple has left. Except… Alcoholic recognizes that they need to work through their illnesses, and he’s not able to take care of himself, much less her. So he comes back with Kang Tae and Moon Young. I really hope he is able to get to a place where they can be together.

Rumors and Lies

Alcoholic comes back and tells Orderly that he thinks Moon Young and Kang Tae will get married. So Orderly runs to tell EVERYONE. Sang Tae doesn’t know that the two were together, but he overhears the rumor in the bathroom, and this is not good. This is NOT good. Sang Tae confronts his brother, and he’s feeling betrayed and confused. It’s a showdown; Sang Tae demands to know who Kang Tae likes more, him or Moon Young. Kang Tae says his hyung and Sang Tae says he’s a liar. Sang Tae explodes and says that Kang Tae tried to kill him in the water, and he is shouting, and Kang Tae is a puddle on the floor. Kang Tae is crying, Moon Young is crying, and my heart just broke into a thousand pieces.

My Thoughts

This drama is an emotional roller coaster. Our characters have a lot to work through and I’m really hoping that they can all be happy. There is no easy fix here, and I appreciate that the writer is showing us their struggles as a couple, as a family, and as individuals.

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