It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Recap: Episode 10

Things get bad and it causes a lot of angst and tears for our trio this week. Come find out if they can overcome this emotional hurdle or if this is the end of our dysfunctional family.

I’m not innocent

As you guys probably recall, the crap hit the fan last episode as Sang Tae emotionally broke down and accused his brother of trying to kill him that day on the ice. This caused Kang Tae to go into a panic attack and he emotionally breaks apart, taking me along for the ride (I think we can all agree that this was a superb performance on both Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se’s part.)

Sang Tae is medicated and kept at the OK hospital while Kang Tae just starts walking, an empty expression on his face. Moon Young follows, unable to fix what happens. She tries to tell Kang Tae that he is innocent and doesn’t need to feel guilt over the experience. He replies, still looking defeated and empty, that he did want him to die and she knows it. He is not at all innocent. Kang Tae also tells her to stop following him since he needs to be with his brother. Am I the only one that feels that he means their relationship is over?

The trapped ghost

Needless to say, a quick conversation between the brothers is not going to fix the trauma that both of them are feeling. Sang Tae decides to take up residence under his blankets in his hospital roo,m and Kang Tae sits outside the room. Neither feels that they can face the other, and both just devastated by what happened. As the hospital director says, both are like ghosts. Present but not able to interact with each other. Thanks to friends, Sang Tae eventually emerges from his blanket fort but still doesn’t want to see his brother.

I shouldn’t have dreamed

To help Kang Tae recover, the hospital director declares that he has suffered enough after his day of suspension, and it is time to get back to work. Kang Tae goes through the motions but is obviously still distraught. We see how much when his Pizza Bestie shows up smack talking about him leaving with Moon Young. Kang Tae brokenly agrees and says that he should not have dreamed of something for him. He needs to focus on his brother and give up everything else. Nooooo! Am I the only one that is a bit traumatized at how devastated he looks at this moment?

Creepy books and a creepy patient

I think it is pretty obvious that the suspicious mental patient that was humming and sending Moon Young’s father into fits might be her mother. She is very invested in the conflict between the two brothers and even goes so far as to hand Sang Tae a copy of the mother’s novel with a note inside stating, “The younger brother kills the older brother.” Who the flip does that? Also, what kind of psychiatric hospital is this where people can run around willy nilly being creepy? I fear for everyone’s safety with this woman running around being suspicious.

Can I ask you favor?

Kang Tae has dumped Moon Young, which isn’t going over very well on the latter’s part. She texts various pictures to Kang Tae’s phone, declaring that she is going to destroy Sang Tae’s Dooly VHS tapes, that she has a horrible fever, that it is her special day…all to no avail. Instead, he asks Ju Ri to drop by the castle and pick up his stuff. But this is a sneak attack, not only does it force the two women to deal with each other, but he can find out how Moon Young is doing without having to actually interact with her. It also gave Ju Ri a chance to drunkenly chew Moon Young out for being so witchy along with a well-deserved smack to the back of the head. Ju Ri is slowly growing on me now that she isn’t being so whiny.


We finally get the reunion that we were all waiting for. Kang Tae finally gets the gumption to go home and apologize to his brother, which he does beautifully. There are tears and statements of love on both sides, and by the end, it looks like their brotherly bond has been reunited. Now, if only Kang Tae would look less traumatized.

Boy who cried wolf

Moon Young goes to Ju Ri’s house and gets some seaweed soup to celebrate her birthday. She also tricks Sang Tae into opening the door to the rooftop apartment, where she tries to talk to her friend. He refuses to listen, claiming that she had lied to her best friend when she said she wasn’t going away with his brother. Sang Tae goes back into his apartment and shuts her out. Moon Young recounts the story of the boy who cried wolf. He tells lies over and over to get attention, and when a wolf actually appears, no one believes him. She goes on to recount that the boy didn’t cry to the people because he wanted to hurt them but because he was so lonely. At this point, it is pretty obvious that she is talking about herself, and we can see the constant texts to Kang Tae in a whole new light.


Surprise, surprise, the world’s worst orderly loses yet another patient as evil maybe mommy knocks him out and escapes the hospital. She goes directly to the castle, and when Moon Young opens the door, she begins singing happy birthday. Oh my gosh! Is this for real, or is it another red herring? It is hard to tell. All I know is that having an escaped mental patient show up at your door is rarely a good sign.

My thoughts

I really liked how all of the various people within our OTP’s life came together to help them in their emotional time of need. They have a wonderful support system that will hopefully help them heal and come together. It was very sweet to see everyone having their mini-moments with Kang Tae, as well as Moon Young, and seeing many various perspectives of where to go from here.

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