It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Recap: Episode 11

What is truth, and what is fantasy? Our OTP has hit some pretty serious obstacles in their quest for love and happiness. We’ve watched these characters move so far forward, and I’m hoping that we aren’t going to fall back. I heard a rumor that this episode will make us smile, and I’m ready for some happiness for our OTP.

A Decoy?

Everyone is on high alert because we have a missing patient. A missing patient who just so happens to show up on Moon Young’s doorstep to wish her a happy birthday. Everything about this is creepy from the celebration popper to the blank look in Patient Park’s eyes. I’m still not sold that she’s Mama. Moon Young watches her closely because that’s what our girl does; she observes people. Blood spills when Patient Park takes one of Moon Young’s letter openers, and Moon Young now has a similar wound on her hand to the one she gave Kang Tae. He rushes to the house, sees the blood, sees her alive, and embraces her.

Did You Come For Me or For Her?

As soon as Kang Tae sees that Moon Young is okay, he starts interrogating her on where Patient Park is. He seems not to understand that every time he does something like this, it makes Moon Young feel like she is at the bottom of the list. She tells him that and walks away. Well, well, well! Instead of chasing after the patient, he goes in to take care of Moon Young’s hand. She does not appreciate his care though, she’s mad and hurt and telling him all about how much he has hurt her. He stops her, tells her to count to three, and pull herself together. She gets to three, and he kisses her!!!! Not just a kiss but a full-on embrace. I need to count to three and pull myself together! Something tells me he’s not holding back anymore, and I need a fan! Wait, it’s not just a hot scene, Kang Tae has a fever. Really writers? Really?

Tender Loving Care

In a bit of a plot twist, we have Moon Young taking care of Kang Tae. I was fully prepared for him to need to play doctor with her because of the cut on her hand, but no, he’s in her bed with a fever. She’s in full drama queen mode and tells him she’s drawn him an ice bath to help get his fever down. Yikes! Instead, we have the classic bed bath with a wet towel. They are talking so that’s good. He pulls her in for a snuggle which is even better. He says he’s never had someone take care of him before. Um, what about Jae Su? Lol. Can we just stay like this? I like this visual of them all snuggled in bed.

Traumatic Memory

Kang Tae tells Moon Young about the murder of his mother and Sang Tae’s trauma. Watching the flashback, we know that a woman with a butterfly pin killed their mother. Kang Tae explains how this trauma has affected his brother and how it has affected him. Slow clap for Kang Tae opening up. He’s letting her into his life; he’s not pushing her away. He’s asking her to stay by his side while he stays by his brother’s side. This is beautiful; this is healthy; this is very, very good.

She Ain’t Coming Back

Ju Ri and Nurse Park are manning the nurses’ station and discussing the whereabouts of Patient Park. She’s still on the loose, and Nurse Park says to pay up her stuff and send it to the police. Ju Ri, sweet little Ju Ri, is all confused, what if the patient returns? Nurse Park just smiles and says, nope, she won’t be coming back here. They have a patient ready to go into that bed, so clean the room. Rumor has it that Patient Park was an actress, and she kept memorizing something. Y’all know my theory. I think Nurse Park is very suspicious. I’m wondering if Patient Park will ever show up again. We find out later that Patient Park was a fan of Moon Young’s mom.

Besties Forever

Moon Young is at Jae Su’s pizza place, trying to get back into Sang Tae’s good graces. She orders a ton of pizza and asks to talk to Sang Tae. She pulls his picture out and says she’s inspired for a new book. Sang Tae is distracted by a toy. He has no idea how much Moon Young wants what she sees in the picture he drew. Something tells me that this story is the one we all want, a family made up of Kang Tae, Sang Tae, and Moon Young. She decides to put some pressure on her bestie and tells him he needs to compensate her if he’s not going to do his job.


Sang Tae is a hard nut to crack! He and Moon Young argue over Kang Tae, and he asserts his ownership of his brother. She’s not giving up though! She goes to complain to Kang Tae and says she understands what it must feel like to ask for a daughter’s hand in marriage. LOL! He acts all coy and tells her that they can’t live together without Sang Tae’s permission and that it took Jae Su ten years for Sang Tae to accept him. He also explains that they have to get Sang Tae to trust that she won’t take Kang Tae away, but that she will be another person for Sang Tae to trust. I like this kind of grown-up communication.

It’s a Tumor

Moon Young’s Dad’s tumor is spreading. The doctor says surgery is pointless. I’m not sure if they are trying to make him a sympathetic character or what. They make a reference to his tumor and suffering for 20 years earlier in the episode and I’m curious if they are going to use that as an excuse for all the wrong he has done to his daughter. I know that illnesses like that can change a person’s character, but none of that excuses the damage he has done to his daughter.

A Loyal Fan

Hmm, Cute Assistant is sent to stay with Moon Young, and Moon Young allows it because Kang Tae is the one who sent her. They talk about how Patient Park stopped by Moon Young’s house on her birthday and said she was a fan of Moon Young’s mother. Ok, so she’s not claiming to be her mom, but a fan. Cute Assistant tells her that would be normal because a fan would know important dates for the family. So she wishes Moon Young a happy birthday, looks around the house, and then takes off to an unknown destination? Weird.

What is a Family?

Sang Tae’s favorite cartoon has a blended family. Moon Young asks him why they live together when they aren’t related. Sang Tae explains that he’s the guardian and the adult. Kang Tae then begins to compare the cartoon to their own situation. He’s planting little seeds with his brother to help him come to terms with allowing their family to grow. He’s not forcing the issue; he’s giving his brother time to think. He reminds Sang Tae that he’s an adult. This is important because later on, he is trying to talk to Sang Tae about why he won’t go back to the hospital, and when Sang Tae bites him, Kang Tae hits him. He tells Sang Tae that he hurts him, and he’s not going to let him do that anymore. He tells him to act like a big brother. This results in a huge fight between the two.

Talking in His Sleep

Oh, my heart! He’s slipped into a dream where they are teens and he sees her in a shop and goes after her, but his big brother stops him. Sang Tae sees that he’s noticing a girl and teases him mercilessly. Kang Tae is so cute and awkward, and his brother is so chill and suave and encourages him to go after her. Kang Tae talks in his sleep and says how much he likes Moon Young. Sang Tae hears this and sees that Kang Tae is happy. It’s the first time he’s seen his little brother happy.

Things Are Changing

Sang Tae invites his brother to a meal. At the restaurant, he cuts Kang Tae’s meat and schools him on manners. Whoa, what is happening? He’s feeding Kang Tae off of his plate. He’s giving him side dishes. He, he’s paying for the meal out of his precious hoard of money. He also gave his brother an allowance. And in a moment of comic relief, Moon Young also hands him her bill as he walks by. She asks for an allowance too and tells him she’s an orphan. Sang Tae says let’s go home to his brother and Moon Young yells out that she wants a brother like him too. He walks away and then says both of their names and tells them to hurry up. The three of them walk away together.

My Thoughts

This episode’s tale is “The Ugly Duckling,” and all of them fit the description of the ugly duckling. We all remember that the ugly duckling didn’t feel like they belonged, and they didn’t look like any of the other ducklings. That’s because the ugly duckling was actually a swan. This episode is about acceptance, not just into a family, but accepting who people really are and setting aside our own needs for someone else. I’m nervous for what’s to come though, the butterfly pin links Moon Young’s mom to the death of the Moon brothers’ mom. I’m prepared for a lot of misunderstandings and misdirection to be in the next episode.

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  1. Just saw an awesome video regarding some theories related to this show that would be awesome if they were true and actually make a lot of sense so if anyone is interested here is the link I am loving this show and their quirky little family and really hope they all wind up together.

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