Flower of Evil: First Impression and Unfiltered Thoughts

Hold on to your hats Lee Joon Gi fans; he’s looking healthier than ever and very Eeee-vil. I started the drama thinking that I’d spend the entire episode hoping he’s not as bad as the posters make it seem, and that’s exactly what happened. He melts my heart anytime he acts with his little girl (same as when he was in Two Weeks), but he’s keeping us on our toes with a sinister glint in his eye in almost every scene. Is the flower really evil, or are we being lead on a wild serial killer chase?

**Tiny Spoilers, but hopefully nothing that will ruin your experience if you haven’t watched the show.

This is the second time these leads have teamed up. I did not get past the first episode in Criminal Minds, so I don’t know if they had chemistry in that one, but here we start off with proof these two are married and very much in love with a steamy kiss scene. Except… their perfect family and marriage isn’t what it seems on the surface. The cracks show when they go to meet his parents. Their daughter is afraid of her grandparents, and they are both cold to the wife and daughter. And once alone, he seems in control of what his parents do when it comes to his family. Of course, the show leaves the reason they are all acting this way a mystery.

The rest of the episode weaves the wife’s case that she’s working on (a young boy who falls down the stairs and says his dad pushed him) and scenes of Lee Joon Gi’s character going about his daily life. Even though he has an air of hiding things, he still looks super hot while he does his metalwork. I love a man with a normal job that works with his hands. :) I mean, he could turn that hot metal object on you and stab you at any minute, but he looks good making it.

Moon Chae Won‘s character notices a lot about people and is good at her job. Yet, it’s shown that she has a blind spot when it comes to her husband. He is an affectionate husband and father, but every time they aren’t around, he draws goosebumps just by looking at the camera. Kind of like how Park Bo Gum did in Hello Monster. Not that I’m saying he’s a serial killer… just that his eyes say there is darkness hiding inside.

Before the episode is over, an old serial killer case is introduced by a reporter, and we finally see where the show is heading. Everyone is going to spend the rest of the show trying to figure out if Lee Joon Gi is REALLY the serial killer in the case the reporter is dredging up, or is there an explanation behind all of his actions?

I have to say, I have not been able to make it through one of Lee Jun Gi’s dramas in a while, and I’m excited to see where the show will head. The directing caught my attention, it really lends to the suspense of the show (OH! Same director as Chicago Typewriter). Moon Chae Won is an actress I’ve liked in the past, and I like her character so far. She really is a smart detective, and I can’t fault her for being unable to see that her husband is just a tad bit creepy. He’s deceiving her on purpose (but we still don’t know exactly what he’s hiding), and even the smartest people in law enforcement can be fooled if they allow themselves to be. I like her relationship with both of the men she works with, and I have a feeling they will need to help her once she starts suspecting her husband.

There was a nice twist by the end of episode one, and I’m dying for episode two. Thank you subbers for your hard work; I’ll try to be patient! The real question is, can I watch another 15 hours of Lee Joon Gi being slightly creepy or full-on evil? The answer is, if the show stays strong like it is in episode one, then yes, I can totally watch that.

Has anyone else finished episode one? If so, tweet me your response. ;)

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7 thoughts on “Flower of Evil: First Impression and Unfiltered Thoughts

  1. Sorry, I don’t watch any drama with the words Evil, Devil, or Hell in them. I have moral standards. Clean up your act Korea.

  2. I saw it and admired the way the characters were being introduced. All of them are acting well and the little girl is adorable. I agree with your comments regarding LJG’s job. The second episode is just as good. Looking forward to watching how it develops.

  3. LJG acting is superb. It makes you wonder if he has a hiding his own real dark side. The little girl is perfect – Definitely a Rising Star. Ms Won is absolutely perfect yet in episode 2 you see her thinking and doubting her own thought – love is blind.

  4. Oh my gosh! I’ve watched to episode 10 and it was absolutely AMAZING!! I can’t wait any longer for the next episode. I’m excited. LJG is very suspicious but I like how it’s going.

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