It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Recap: Episode 13

Eek! Is anyone else thinking things are going pretty well and now they will toss something bad at us? Let’s find out if our little family can weather not just mental illness but also a potential murderess. This recap is going to be longer than usual because I have a LOT to say.

Learning to Face Our Fears

Kang Tae is such a complex character. He’s moved his brother so many times due to the butterfly, but I don’t think he ever really thought the butterfly was real. When he learns that the butterfly is real, and his family is in danger, he is overwhelmed. How does he protect them? Moon Young is used to being rejected, but she keeps holding on to Kang Tae. She wants happiness, and I want her to be happy. She leaves Mang Tae with a note telling Kang Tae how happy he and Sang Tae have made her. This is why Kang Tae suited up and went to the photo studio and made all of our hearts stutter and drool drip from our mouths. His decision to accept his place in the family made all of us happy.

Eye Actors are the Best Actors

I’m all for letting rookies have a chance and learn acting, but there is something about a veteran actor. Our three main characters are all veteran actors and they know how to invest the audience in their characters. When Moon Young and Sang Tae see Kang Tae at the studio, their eyes literally light up. A thousand words are conveyed and not a single one of them is spoken. This is what has drawn me in so much with this drama, all of it feels so natural because we don’t have to depend on the lines to tell us the action. Moon Young and Sang Tae’s chemistry is off the charts here, they are a united force even without Kang Tae. When they see him, their joy is palpable and they have the exact same delighted smile.

Getting Inspiration

Our little family has gone to the library for a field trip. Sang Tae is looking for some inspiration for his illustrations. Cutie Assistant is trying to get him to look as some illustrations she wants him to use, but he’s not interested in her suggestions. As she drones on with suggestions that are not interesting at all, Sang Tae tells her they are boring and walks off. She sighs and says how cool he is, yes, he is very cool.

I’m Tired of Carrying All the Weight

As they browse the library, Kang Tae and Moon Young have a little heart to heart. He opens up and tells her that all of the responsibility he’s had for so many years has been work. So, he’s no longer going to look at it as work. He’s tired of being resentful for taking care of his family and now he’s protective because he loves them. Moon Young asks if that includes her, and he reminds her they have a family portrait so they are family now. Ignore my squealing, that was such an amazing scene!

Two Sides to Every Story

At the hospital, Shaman just hung up the phone on her father. As the nurses speculate about her story and blame the parents, Nurse Park says there are two sides to every story. This leads into a scene at Ju Ri’s home where Hottie Agent confesses to Ju Ri’s mom. She gives him some insight into what makes Ju Ri tick. She tells him Ju Ri just wants someone she can lean on when times get tough. This episode seems to revolve around feeling safe and loved.

Moon Young is Precious!

Returning home after the photo session and field trip, Moon Young starts wondering if she should redecorate. She seems so calm and stable right now. She’s still mischievous as she tells Kang Tae to move into her room, but she’s also listening to what he says, which is a first. When he asks her if she would go away and live with him somewhere else, her first thought is for Sang Tae. Let me repeat that; her first thought is that Sang Tae is having nightmares again, and she is concerned. She feels stable and loved, and now she can consider the needs of others. She then says she will rip that butterfly to shreds, and Kang Tae hugs her. She’s tamed, but still has her wild side! When he asks what happens if he gets scared and runs away, she calmly says she will break his legs. The banter between these two is so fun! Plus, we get a kiss!

A Kiss is Better Than a Fight

Kang Tae returns to his room, and he’s a little flushed and flustered. Sang Tae calls him out and asks if he’s feeling shy. Kang Tae admits to kissing Moon Young, and Sang Tae quips, “A kiss is better than a fight.” Kang Tae asks who he likes better (everyone loves to ask this question!), and Sang Tae says the cartoon character. Does anyone else notice that Kang Tae seems to be including his brother in his life more than he used to? I don’t think he ever thought he’d have a day where he would calmly discuss kissing a girl and have his brother tease him about it.

Mysterious Notes

Kang Tae takes the note left for Sang Tae and the other notes he found to the Director. The Director is trying to figure it all out and says not to trust anyone, not even him, and don’t leave Sang Tae alone. This leads to Kang Tae trying to be overprotective. Sang Tae says not to worry, he now has two younger siblings, and he will protect them. Then Kang Tae starts bugging Moon Young about protecting herself. He’s interrupted by Shaman, who seems to be inhabited by the spirit of a little kid. Shaman has Dissociative Identity Disorder due to child abuse as a child. As we learn more about the inhabitants of the hospital, it becomes apparent that it is a place of love and healing. Ju Ri may get on my nerves as a love interest, but she is a very compassionate person, and she is a good nurse.

Admitting It’s Hard

Moon Young is unimpressed with Sang Tae’s drawings. The characters are all blue blurs and she doesn’t like that at all. She’s telling him to change it and all of a sudden he says it’s hard to draw facial expressions. She starts trying to guide him through how to do it. He’s worried if he uses the cards on the wall he will lose his own art. So she says to observe people, not just his brother. You guys, I love the relationship between these two. I love how they just throw it all on the table and talk through things. She’s not looking down on him, she’s giving him strength.

I Like You

Hottie Agent waits for Ju Ri at the bus stop. He’s prepped and ready to talk to her after having a little chat with her mom earlier in the episode. He admits that he had to go on the date, but Song Hye Ko isn’t his ideal type. His father is older and wants to see him settled. Ju Ri then asks what is his type. So, he tells her what her mom told him, but poor guy, he used her exact words and creeped Ju Ri out. He likes her, she likes him, but the path to romance is not easy with these two!

The Father of the Two Sisters

Moon Young’s father is fading fast. They talk a lot about forgiveness, but it’s not easy to forgive those who hurt us. Moon Young tells Kang Tae that a story she hates is “The Father of the Two Sisters.” The sisters were abused by their stepmother, and the father did nothing. She goes on to say that the one who ignores the abuse is worse than the abuser. This leads us to poor Shaman; her father has shown up at the hospital. He’s making a huge scene, and Director ends up stepping in. Oh my gosh, he wants her to donate her liver to him, and she said no. He’s afraid of dying, and he’s begging for help. The Director confronts him about not helping his daughter when her mother was beating her, and now, 30 years later, he wants her to help him.

It’s Okay to Stand Up for Yourself

After his talk with the Director, Shaman’s father comes looking for her. She is with Kang Tae who offers to either throw him out, or stand with her as she says what she needs to say. Bravo Kang Tae! Shaman tells her father that she hates him and that he left her alone with her mom even when she begged him to help her. She tells him she wasn’t possessed and they sent her away anyway. She still waited and hoped he would come for her and he never did. Her father listened and then stumbled past her, no longer harassing her to help him. Kang Tae is the one to hold her and comfort her. That, my friends, is how you help someone gain back their power.

Help From Friends

Sang Tae is learning how to draw faces, and he’s pulled in Jae Su and Cutie Assistant. Jae Su has one facial expression, so Sang Tae asks Cute Assistant to show him an adorable expression. She pulls out the aegyo, and Jae Su is swooning in the back, Sang Tae isn’t feeling it though. He says it’s weird. I cracked up when he told Jae Su that all of his expressions were the same.

A Terrible Thing

Moon Young’s father wakes up and talks to Nurse Park; he says he has regret and that he did a terrible thing. Um, you tried to kill your kid, that’s pretty terrible. He says he killed his wife and then proceeds to tell her a story. He says his wife killed a person, and he could hear her humming that song. He had just found out he had a brain tumor, and her singing was irritating. He told her she must be in a good mood, and she said she was, then the radio tells the story of the Moon brothers’ mom being killed. He asks where the new housekeeper is, and she tells him that she crossed the line and won’t be back. He confronts her and asks if she killed her, and then he calls her a monster. She laughs at him, and he pushed her over the railing. He says she’s dead and he killed her. Then he said that Moon Young saw everything.

She is Not a Monster

Moon Young’s father says he was afraid she would be a monster like her mother and that’s why he kept trying to kill her. He then says that she is innocent and none of this is her fault. Okay, he has a brain tumor and I can follow this happening. Moon Young tells Ju Ri that she was really afraid of her mom. She always tried to be good, but no one was there to save her until she met Kang Tae. Her mother kept her from Kang Tae. Her father only read to her one time to comfort her out of a fairy tale book. No wonder she writes kids’ books and tries to comfort them in her own way. We end this scene with Moon Young’s father passing away.

It’s Okay to Be Sad

Standing in front of Moon Young’s father’s vault, Sang Tae asks if this is her sad face? No, she replies, it’s her pretty face. Sang Tae tells her it’s okay to be sad and he knows she is sad. As they turn to walk away, the trio discuss what to eat and it’s all good natured bickering. Moon Young pauses and remembers her one good memory; her memory of her father reading to her and telling her that she is a princess.

Starting Over

Now that they are a family, Moon Young tells Kang Tae that she wants to start over. They can sell the house, Sang Tae can finish his painting, Kang Tae can quit his job, , and they will move on. They will go on a trip with no destination. He gets greedy and asks for all sorts of expensive things and to be a kept man. So adorable! She asks him what his dream? He says he wants to go back to school. She says he can only do online classes so the girls won’t mess with him. They head back to the hospital, and someone has vandalized Sang Tae’s drawing! They’ve drawn a butterfly on it! He’s flustered and upset; it’s the double butterfly like the brooch. Moon Young makes the connection between her mom and the butterfly who killed Mama Moon. Oh crappity crap! We see Moon Young’s mom, and it’s Nurse Park! I called it. I called it. I CALLED IT!

My Thoughts

Wow, just… wow! I’ve been suspicious of Nurse Park for weeks! I knew she was the one, I knew it! Except, now I’m super scared because she’s a whole new level of insane. How did she survive? I mean what kind of superpower lets you survive a fall like that, losing all the blood, and being dropped in the reservoir? Also, it’s totally creepy how she watched over her husband all those years. My heart is broken for poor Moon Young, she has just found happiness and now all of this!

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