It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Recap: Episode 14

Moon Young’s evil mom has cast off her nice persona and is trying to take control of her daughter. Which brings Kang Tae and Sang Tae into her crosshairs. It was a very emotional episode and I suggest you grab your hankies as we review It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 14.

The butterfly is back

Our trio is emotionally battered after the fallout of the butterfly appearing in Sang Tae’s mural. Moon Young recognizes the design, we flashback to her mother declaring that the stylized lapel pin was a one of a kind design, and the secret is no longer a secret. She quickly puts the pieces together and realizes that her mother is the murderer of the brothers’ mom. She rushes out of the hospital with tears streaming down her face, telling Kang Tae that she needs time, but she won’t run away. Kang Tae returns to find Sang Tae under the kitchen sink, muttering that the butterflies had found him. Kang Tae comforts his brother, saying that this wasn’t “the” butterfly but an image of the weird ones that have three wings. Sang Tae is eventually comforted and spends the rest of the day helping chef mom do errands in the kitchen.

And the culprit is…

Any thoughts that maybe Moon Young’s mother isn’t bat crap crazy evil are divested as we witness her grin manically at the CCTV after drawing the butterfly. It gets worse as we witness her final revenge upon her husband. As he says he is at peace and ready to die, head nurse (AKA his psycho wife) says that that is unacceptable. Her face changes manically as she declares that she has been by him all this time. Moon Young’s father expresses his horror as he realizes that he is dying and his daughter will be at the mercy of his nutjob wife. Evil mom confirms that she has insidious plans when she declares she isn’t happy with Moon Young’s choices lately. “They become obedient if you take away what they love.” are the ominous words she leaves with her husband as he gasps his last breath. She loves watching him suffer.

Moon Young is just Moon Young to me

If you had any concerns that Kang Tae was going to run away from Moon Young, they are put to rest in his actions post butterfly mural. He calls the CEO to check on Moon Young and make sure she is safe. Even during a heart to heart with Pizza Bestie he says that he doesn’t see Moon Young at fault in any way. She can’t help who her mother is, and Moon Young will always be Moon Young to him. I got all the feels as Pizza Bestie gave Kang Tae and Moon Young his blessings to be together. Bestie blessings are the best.


Our director is taking Evil Mom’s discover hard. He feels stupid for not realizing the viper he held at his bosom and bringing Moon Young and Kang Tae to the hospital, a place that should have been safe for them. He even considers retiring but is talked out of it by Ju Ri’s mother. She reminds him that even doctors make mistake,s and it is what he does now that is important. We also get a small birth secret when we discover that Nurse Cha Young is his son. He apologizes for sometimes being single-minded and not focusing on personal relationships. His son forgives hi,m and they go out for a father-son drink.

So close, yet so far away

Back home, Kang Tae attempts to talk with Moon Young through her bedroom door. He explains that he felt a lot of the things that she is feeling now. Wondering why bad things always happened to him and how they were going to get past this hurdle, Kang Tae then tells her that all that changed when he saw her smile. He realized that none of them did anything wrong. They were victims and do not have to atone for anything. On the other side of the door, Moon Young bursts into tears.

There is no pushing me away

The next morning Moon Young is ready to talk until she discovers who the woman who is supposed to be her mother is. Upon learning the truth, Moon Young realizes that her mother will be trying to attack the brothers. She frantically screams at Kang Tae to leave and get his brother. She burst out that she doesn’t want them in her life, and they need to go away. Kang Tae refuses to let her run and pulls her into his arms.

Comfort food and apologies

Sang Tae was told that Moon Young and Kang Tae were fighting and trying to fix things. This was the story told so he would stay at Ju Ri’s without argument. He soon deduced that Moon Young must be sick and he becomes determined to take care of his “little sister”. He has Ju Ri’s mother help him make congee and brings it along with quail eggs to nourish Moon Young back to health. Poor Moon Young just cries as she tries to apologize to Sang Tae. Sang Tae just says that it is all okay as long as she eats the food he brought her. This is, by far, one of the most heartfelt moments of the whole drama.

The Hand, The Monkfish

The fable that we hear this week is especially chilling. It is about a girl whose mother does everything for her to the extent that she developed no arms or legs because she was coddled. Upon discovering that her child wasn’t perfect, the mother threw the daughter into the sea. In a flashback, we see Moon Young’s mother writing a note that if something isn’t perfect. The idea is that it needs to be discarded as she burns the picture of their family. Eeeek. Now I’m not sure if it is just the boys that are in physical peril. Evil Mom tricks Sang Tae into joining her at Moon Young’s house. Next thing we know, he is passed out (hopefully that is all that is wrong), and Evil Mom is calling Kang Tae to meet her if he wants to save his brother.

My thoughts

I don’t know why, but I keep getting shocked at how crazy evil Moon Young’s mother really is. She really is a worth villain to show up in such a brilliantly put together story. Now, if only our found family can stick together and outwit her in the end. Because if my three favorite characters are not together in the end, I don’t know how I will go on.

Making her move

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