Drama Teasers of the Week

The teasers range from intriguing to cringe-worthy this week. What will you be watching?

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Do You Like Brahms?

Noona romance alert! We have a music school slice of life drama that centers around a genius pianist and a violinist who got into the school after four tries and seven years. I would like to tell you more, but this trailer is giving NOTHING up.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

More music! This location is a piano academy outside Seoul, where Go Ah Ra and Lee Jae Wook meet and her cheery disposition clashes with his no-nonsense personality.

18 Again

I love the premise of 18 Again, I really do. But I dunno, y’all. If he’s going to be all cringey like that just being introduced to the class….

My Dangerous Wife

Ok, so the drama summary makes this sound like this is just about a crumbling marriage, but the trailer gives off a different vibe entirely. Will this be worth watching?

What’s piquing your interest, drama fans? Comment below and let us know!

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