It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Recap: Episode 15

We are getting to the end of this drama, and things are getting very serious. It looks like Moon Young’s mom is back from the dead, and she’s pretty scary. I need our little ragtag family to stay strong. I’m pretty worried about Moon Young, and I’m afraid that we will see some noble idiocy from her.

Leave Sang Tae Alone!

Nurse Park/Moon Young’s Mom (I’m going to call her Mama now) has Sang Tae and she’s drugged him. I’m very afraid for Sang Tae. She calls Kang Tae and taunts him that she has his brother. Kang Tae heads to the cursed castle to meet her. Sang Tae is out cold, but he’s not dead. Kang Tae asks why she’s doing this, and she says it’s because he ruined her daughter. She claims that since she made her, Moon Young is her perfect work of art. This woman has lost her mind completely! She tells him to take his brother and run far away so she can have her daughter back. He refuses.

Door #2

He has a second option; he can kill her. That way, he and Moon Young can never be together, and Mama still wins. She will still control Moon Young’s life. He says he won’t give up on Moon Young. She tells him that Moon Young is why his mother died. She was writing her book, and his mother was working as a housekeeper. His mother tried to interfere with her molding Moon Young into a heartless creature, so she had to die. Even Kang Tae can’t understand why she killed his mom. She said his mom talked like Moon Young was a lunatic, and that’s why. He lunges at her and chokes her, but he can’t kill her. So she calls him a coward and gives him a shot. Enter Moon Young…

I’m Not a Monster Like You.

Moon Young goes toward her mother to stab her, but Kang Tae stops her. Then he collapses at her feet. Mama grabs her by the hair because she’s ignoring her. Just as her mother lifts her hand to stab Moon Young, she gets hit on the head. Sang Tae is awake, and he’s not letting her hurt his brother and sister! He hit her with a huge book, and he’s standing in front of Moon Young and Kang Tae in a defensive position, ready to protect them again. The book he hit her with is The World’s Best Fairy Tales. I need to talk about how they keep switching between the characters as adults and children. This scene is especially impactful as we see the child versions of Moon Young holding Kang Tae, while teenage Sang Tae stands there ready to battle.

Humans Are Strong

Mama gets hauled out of the house to the waiting police car, and Director stops her. She says she won, and those two (Moon Young and Kang Tae) can never be together because humans are weak. She says they will suffer, but Director tells her she’s wrong. People will band together and support each other. He asks about the actress and what she did to her. She left her notes, telling her what to do. She said she’s left the stage now and moved on. The police take her away.

Bad Things Happened

Kang Tae wakes up, and he tells Moon Young he feels like he had a bad dream. She said it was all real and then tells him to leave. She’s chasing him away because she feels guilty and afraid. She’s worried he will suffer when he sees her. He said they will overcome it; she told him that a long time ago. So, let’s just think of it as a nightmare. She’s not having it; she doesn’t want him to pretend he’s ok. She doesn’t want to live on eggshells, so just go. When she leaves, he stands there trying to decide what to do. My heart is breaking right now for all of them.

The Wicked Witch of the West

Kang Tae wakes up his brother and Sang Tae goes into mother hen mode. Sang Tae wants to know why that woman tried to hurt them. His brother explains that she hated the idea of people being happy. It’s the theme of one of the stories in the book The Murder of the Wicked Witch of the West. Sang Tae found a copy of the book at the hospital and read some of it. He said it was boring. Now he has a problem, she gave him Dooly’s mom. Kang Tae says he will throw it out, but Sang Tae has words of wisdom. Dooly’s mom did nothing wrong, the person who gave him the toy was the bad person, but the toy is not bad. He’s keeping the toy. Hmmm. Kang Tae is obviously making the same connection between Moon Young and her mother.

Should We Leave?

I have to say that Sang Tae is my favorite character. I love him so much! When Kang Tae asks if they should leave, Sang Tae says only if they take Moon Young with them. A family stays together. If she’s left alone, she will be bored, and she needs them. If she still tells the two of them to leave, then tell her “over my dead body” they aren’t going anywhere. Kang Tae decides to resign from the hospital, and he discovers that the Director is leaving too. Director is taking responsibility for what happened, and this makes me feel bad. I just can’t see the hospital without him.

Oppa Knows Best

Moon Young comes out to drink something, and Sang Tae goes into mother hen mode again. He checks to make sure she’s ok, and tells her that he is finished with his homework. She says she isn’t going to publish the book. Then she says that the brothers need to move out. Sang Tae tells her that the penalty is threefold, but she counters and says she will pay whatever. She says move out by the end of the day and turns away. “Over my dead body,” says Sang Tae. He then tells her he doesn’t care what she has to say, they aren’t going.

I Can’t Forget

Kang Tae sits for one last counseling session with the Director. He tells him that he can’t get what happened out of his mind. He says he lied to Moon Young that he can get past it, and she knows it. The Director tells him that it will hurt to be together, and it will hurt to be apart, so they may as well stay together and hurt with each other. He also asks why Kang Tae didn’t kill her. It was because of what it would do to Moon Young. The Director then says that the one who torments you can also be the one who saves you. Wow, those are powerful words.


Moon Young is packing up her home when Hottie Agent and Cutie Assistant show up. She tells them she’s not writing anymore. They go into panic mode, which makes perfect sense considering she’s their bread and butter. Hottie Agent says to take a year off. Moon Young says there are no more stories she wants to write. He says he’s nothing without her and she can’t leave. Cutie Assistant says they can get another writer, and Hottie Agent says it’s not about them, it’s about Moon Young being able to communicate with the world. I love this man. I love him, and I want to put him in my pocket and keep him safe. He knows she will die if she doesn’t write.

The Two Brothers

While Moon Young tries to get him to leave, Kang Tae decides to tell her a story. There once were two poor brothers who kept sending rice to each other to try to help the other one out. They did this for days, trading rice back and forth. The moral of the story is that they should live with each other and share the bounty instead of going back and forth, trying to give the other sibling more. Sang Tae made up that story. Kang Tae says he knows that she likes him and his brother. So, they need to stop wasting time, and it doesn’t matter where they live, but they need to live together. Then he gets mad and yells at her because she doesn’t answer! Come on, Moon Young, you know you want to be with them!

Trying Everything

Ju Ri calls Moon Young and asks her to go by and check on her sick mother. Moon Young says no, but she still goes over there. When she arrives, she sees that Ju Ri’s mom seems fine. It was obviously a trick. Since Moon Young hasn’t been eating, Ju Ri’s mom is feeding her. Moon Young seems shocked. How did all of this happen? Well, Kang Tae called in reinforcements and asked Hottie Agent to help him. So they arranged for her to get some good food and some mothering. Moon Young eats too fast and burns her mouth and cusses. So Ju Ri’s Mom scolds her and feeds her more. Then she tells Moon Young what is going on and that everyone is worried about her. She doesn’t understand why Ju Ri’s mom is so good to her. Oh, the poor thing is crying while she eats!

Mom’s Tree

The Moon brothers plant a tree for their mother at the hospital and attach a new family portrait to it. As they speak to their mother, Kang Tae says something about being born to take care of Sang Tae, and his brother corrects him. Mom gave birth to him so that Sang Tae could protect him. But he’s all grown up now, so he needs to take care of himself. Kang Tae is stupid happy, all the burden that he’s felt for so long seems to be lifted from his shoulders. (Personal note: We have a tree that we planted for a loved one. Living memorials just feel different than the traditional headstone. We have one of those too, but we feel our loved one the most is when we stand under the tree we planted.)

Secret Weapon

Cutie Assistant set up part two of the attack on Moon Young. She pulled out their secret weapon, Jae Su. Jae Su shows up at Ju Ri’s house and starts telling Moon Young all the dirt on Kang Tae. All of it. He makes fun of Kang Tae for wanting to go to Africa, and Moon Young gets all upset. When she gets home, Sang Tae is on the steps waiting for her. She’s drunk, and he says she smells like alcohol. He makes her check his homework, and she says she’s done with fairy tales. He says she has to check it so he can be an illustrator. He will go draw for someone else who is a real partner. His drawings now how faces, and they are amazing. He drew his brother asleep. He asks her why she’s crying, and she says it’s because it’s beautiful. She asks if she can have it, and he tears the sheet out and gives it to her. He tells her that he wants to be an illustrator and show his mother his book. He tells her that they planted the tree at the hospital.


Moon Young stands at the tree and says that she’s sorry. Kang Tae shows up (looking fine in a suit) and stands beside her. He tries to joke, and it falls flat. As they stand there, he says that he will work hard to overcome all they have gone through and for her to let them stay. He holds out his hand and asks her how she will compensate for his injury. She apologizes, and that’s not good enough. Remember way back in the beginning of the drama when she tells him she loves him and chases him? Yeah, the tables are turned, and now he is following her declaring his love. It’s totally deja vu! He follows her home and says he loves her, and then he kisses her when she threatens him. He picks her up and sits her on the table and leans in for another kiss. So freaking hot!!!!

My Thoughts

Sang Tae is the lead character of this show. He has shown time and time again that he has had the most character growth. He’s gone from being afraid to turning into a total Mama bear protecting the cubs. I love our OTP, but our little family makes me smile more. We all need a big brother like Sang Tae. Moon Young has no idea that so many people care about her, not just the Moon brothers, but also Hottie Agent and Ju Ri’s family. I’m still in awe of Hottie Agent. When the show first started, I thought he was a total tool. I would never have thought that he was someone who protected her so fiercely. That’s what I love about this drama; no one is what they seem. We have our preconceived ideas, but they don’t always match up to who the person really is.

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