Top 5 Kpop MVs: Awesome Artists

We have quite the mix from some awesome artists this week, music fans! Come see what songs I haven’t been able to get out of my head and the brand new artist that A-ha fans are going to ADORE.

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Henry – “Don’t Go”

A year after starting his own entertainment company, Henry seems to have landed himself a movie role AND sung on the OST for it. He sounds good, and the movie looks interesting — I’m in!

Young K – “Text Me Now”

I love individual projects, and Young K from Day6 did not disappoint! Enjoy this layered song and its fresh style.

Boyhood – “Retro Love”

If you like A-ha, The Thompson Twins, or other fantastic 80s bands, you are going to LOVE Boyhood’s “Retro Love”. It’s been stuck in my head all week, much to my delight.

Eric Nam – “Paradise”

I’m not always a fan of Eric Nam’s style, but “Paradise” — no pun intended — is hitting all the right notes for me. The minor harmonies, the syncopated backbeat, and Eric’s raspy voice blend into a perfect song for dancing to.

TuZi – “Let’s go for it”

Tuzi is BACK! They’ve had a change in their lineup, and it’s working out really well. Enjoy “Let’s go for it” — it harks back to their debut hit, “My 1st Hero”, with a strong guitar line and great harmonies and urban color scheme, but with a more mellow vibe.

BONUS TRACK: Taemin – “2 Kids”

I CAN’T leave this for next week, y’all. Taemin’s solo brilliance continues to shine in “2 Kids”. The song is gorgeous and his dancing is a work of art, as usual.

These last few weeks have been generous to us, music fans! What MVs have caught your attention? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Catching my breath until the next wave of comebacks, I remain —

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