Podcast #108 – Fangirl Stalking Kim Soo Hyun

We received a request from our Patreon page to fangirl-stalk the always-talented Kim Soo Hyun. You don’t have to ask us twice since we are huge fans here at DWASOK! So come join us as we chat about his extensive filmography and share which of his dramas you must watch if you consider yourself a Kim Soo Hyun fangirl.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #108 – Fangirl Stalking Kim Soo Hyun

  1. You forgot the cameo in Miss Granny! Watched that movie with 4 of my drama friends and we all SCREAMED when it happened. Even the one who had seen the movie before. It’s just hilarious perfection! Hotel Del Luna was great…had the suit and the suave and speakeasy, but Miss Granny had black leather, a “motorcycle” entrance, and humor.

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